This halloween see a werewolf at Halloween Horror Nights – American Werewolf in London returns!

If you live in or near Orlando, Florida there is no question what you should do this halloween – spend the night being terrified by werewolves straight from American Werewolf in London!

Universal Orlando has brought werewolves back to Halloween Horror Nights! The haunted house attraction has a house based on the movie an American Werewolf in London. It’s supposed to be more terrifying than the attraction they had in 2013 (which was rated 2013’s Top Rated House). The house brings to life scenes from the movie AWIL. Fans of the movie have raved about how well-done the house is – many suggest watching the movie before heading to horror night just to be in the right mood! If you haven’t watched the movie though, don’t worry, you won’t be lost (or if you are, never fear, a werewolf might find you… 😉 )



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