This is not a hoax or a mask, this freaky cat really does looks like a werewolf!!

If you see a picture of this cat, you’ll think that without a doubt, it has to be some kind of funny makeup trick or halloween costume! Maybe the owners put in fur extensions – or perhaps they put a little bit of makeup on the cat’s face? The truth however is that this is not a hoax – this cat really does look like a werewolf-cat hybrid!!

The cat’s name is Moony, and she reportedly suffers from a very rare disorder which causes extra hair growth – especially around her face! The combination of her long facial fur and her piercing yellow eyes result in a pretty striking resemblance to a werewolf!

Moony should not be confused with the actual new breed of werewolf cats called “lykoi” which actually look a little bit different (they have hairless patches throughout their body mixed in with longer patches of hair.)

People who see Moony think she’s either the cutest cat they’ve ever seen or the ugliest cat they’ve ever seen. Decide for yourself! 😉



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