Timabaland New Song About Vampires

It’s another vampire song! I didn’t really realize the Timbaland song was about vampires until I saw the dancers floating in midair on the 2009 American Music Awards, then I started to wonder…could they be singing about vampires? A quick search showed that they were!

Timabaland’s song is called Morning After Dark and is a whole song inspired by vampires! I heard a rumor that Timbaland actually wanted the Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to star in the music video….sorry Twilight fans, the new song does not have them.

The music video isn’t over the top on vampires…in fact it’s a pretty understated song. It starts out with a black cat running around a little bit, Timbaland acting allloottt with his eyes, and a few strange looking people lurking around. It’s not until one of them flashes their fangs – very briefly – that you’re sure they’re vampires. Personally, I prefer werewolf music videos…Michael Jackson’s Thriller anyone?

Check the Timbaland Song Morning After Dark out here:



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  1. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    good song even if it is about vamps

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