tiny skeleton 6 inches long is a 6 year old human!

There are many things in the world that we have yet to discover…and many things that you would say were just not real (werewolves??). Take this for example….a six year old human – that was only 6 inches long.

Scientists have been studying the remains of a tiny skeleton that was found in the Atacama Desert in South America (west of the Andes mountains). For a long time, noone was quite sure what the skeleton was – human, animal, or – the more general concensus among many theorists – alien. It was a skeleton that appeared to be human – it had arms, legs, joints, skull – the only problem – it was only about 6 inches long! Even stranger, the skull did not resemble a human skull, but rather was oddly elongated. And perhaps strangest of all – testing showed that the being was between 6 and 8 years old – if true, this would make this the smalles 6 year old ever!

The story gets even stranger in that the question on whether or not the skeleton is real is not in debate – in fact, everyone agrees that it is in fact a real skeleton. A real skeleton of a child who was between 6 and 8 years old…imagine – at 6 years old, a kid is in kindergarten!! And at 8 they’re in 2nd grade!!

But that’s if, in fact the skeleton is human. That is what has been the major point of confusion about the find. Up until now, the most generally passed around theory is that the skeleton is actually an alien – and really, who can argue with this hypothesis? If you look at the video of the skeleton (below), you could easily see how it could be an alien – especially taking into account it’s size! Researchers however are saying the nucleotides they’ve studied from the skeleton are human…they say the deformed skull is due to a condition known as “high head syndrome”…what they cannot figure out however, is why the being is so small – they tested it for dwarfism and the findings are not showing any link.

One final question for thought – if you can believe in a 6 year old human that is only 6 inches long – or a 6 inch long alien (whichever you choose to believe this skeleton is) – is it so far a stretch to believe in werewolves?

Watch the video below and decide for yourself…



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