tips for identifying your animal totem

Every person has an animal guide according to some cultures.  You may have heard of this idea most commonly from Native American beliefs, however the concept does not stop there and is actually quite pervasive across many different cultures.  You’ll find the idea going by many names, however one of the most commonly held terms for this idea is that of the “animal totem”.

animal totemA person’s animal totem is a guide that walks beside them during a small portion, a large portion, or even the entirety of a person’s life.   The totem is considered an “animal guide” that connects to you, protects you, and teaches you through your life.  Sometimes one animal guide will walk with you, and then as your needs or life changes, your animal guide will change as well…so you can in fact have different animal guides during the course of your life.

For some, identifying their animal totem is a relatively simple task – it happens almost automatically and a person just knows what their animal guide is.  For others however, the process is not quite so simple and it can take time to identify their animal totem.

The process for identifying your animal totem involves self-analyzation and self-discovery.  It’s about getting in touch with your inner self and accepting who you are.  It’s about finding your spiritual identity.  It’s about building upon and embracing the best of yourself.  Finding your animal totem can help you understand, discover, and access hidden qualities about yourself.

What does an animal totem do?

Animal totems are positive forces of strength and energy in your life.  You will find them guiding you throughout your life, advising you during difficult situations, inspiring you in trying times, teaching you about your potential, and protecting you from conflict.

If you are trying to identify your animal totem, here are some tips to help the process.

1.  Relax.  Sometimes we try so hard to discover or identify something that it does nothing but block the process.  Take a few deep breaths and relax.  Let your mind settle and see what thoughts come.

2.  Now that you are relaxed, think about what animals you identify with.  What type of animals are you drawn to?  Which ones compel you?  Which ones do you find most interesting or fascinating for some unknown reason?

3.  Think about your dreams.  What animals occur or recur in your dreams?  If you don’t remember, get a journal to keep by your bed.  Start documenting your dreams as soon as you wake up, trying to remember traces and feelings.  What animals did you see or feel around you?  You may be surprised to discover a theme that emerges.

4.  Some people find meditation works for them.  Go ahead and try it… simply find a nice quiet room or place that is calm and has no distractions.  Sit, close your eyes, relax, and clear your mind.  Many people find their animal totems identify themselves in the silence.




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2 Responses

  1. I tried all these I’m a wolf of course.

  2. she wolf says:

    I alredy knew it since I was a kid. Why? thats because everytime I had a dream, this animal is always with me. What animal? A female wolf. But this will change when I turned 12 and that animal will become a dog instead. I have dreamt of it that my wolf left me with no reason and then came across a dog and stared at each other and the wolf continued its way to north while the dog sit beside me and we watch the wolf leave until it disappears. The funny thing is it happened when I was sleeping in my english class. I dreamt of it again this time my dream continued and I was walking home with my NEW dog and my parents and friends surprised me. They said it was my 12th birthday. I was surprised at that.

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