Tips for new Shapeshifters

One of the main things to remember for new shapeshifters about to do their first transformation is to relax. Especially if it is an involuntary transformation many things that are potentially unpleasant will start to happen. You must breathe deeply, focus your mind on different parts of your body that are experiencing pain, and relax those muscles. It is best to be in a quiet environment with few outside distractions in order to get into true relaxation mode. It is also beneficial to breathe deeply and slowly.

Once you are relaxed, you must concentrate on yourself. Free your mind from small inconsequential daily things, and focus your mind on what is about to happen, and embrace it. This will make the transformation easier.

Often during a first transformation you will be confused, in pain, unaware of what is about to happen, and scared. However the quicker you figure out what is happening to you and relax and concentrate, the easier time you will have.



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