TMZ reports capture of live chupacabra in South Texas

Finally! The infamous chupacabra has been caught alive!! And TMZ has the video!

TMZ had the breaking news with a video of the scary looking bald creature captured in a cage by a South Texas couple. The couple did not know for sure what creature it was that they caught, but based on its looks, the local resident woman who did the capture believes that it is the chupacabra. Her husband, who has lived in the area for 20 years, insists the animal is unlike any creature he has ever seen before – and he has seen dogs, coons, canines, and all sorts of other wild critters. Skeptics say the creature is not the chupacabra, but rather some non-mysterious animal simply infected with a serious case of mange.

You be the judge.



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5 Responses

  1. Liam Sauer-Wooden says:

    It’s a freaking bear with mange.

  2. Titan says:

    its a raccoon with a hair disorder disease thing

  3. banshee says:

    Firstly, wot a ridiculous cruel cage to
    Keep an animal in. We cld’nt see how
    He walks, runs, beds down for the nite
    – nothing – in such a limited space.
    Examinin such behaviour wld help
    Determine his species.

    Secondly, aint nothing scary about him.
    Looks like a perfectly normal mammal
    To me. Albeit an unknown one.

  4. banshee says:

    Oh good grief, I’v heard it all now!
    The woman who helped capture
    This littl thing says ” It isn’t a dog
    Or a coon. It aint nothing I’v ever
    Seen before…..oh it must be a
    Then “!

    Texans, com on…..grow a brain !!

  5. Antonio says:

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