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Everyone seems to have their favorite zombie film, however the title of “night of the living deadtop zombie film ever made” almost always goes to a film made by zombie movie-making master George A Romero. Movie watchers and film makers often consider him the father of the zombie movie genre, and are unfailingly loyal to his movies.  And to his credit he is pretty good.

The top zombie film therefore is often debated as being either:

1.  Dawn of the Dead – written in 1978 about survivors of a zombie apocalypse that seek shelter in a shopping mall – Dawn is part 2 of the Living Dead zombie movies. (The movie was remade in 2004 by director Zack Snyder).


2.  Night of the Living Dead – 1 1968 film directed by Romero about a group of people seeking shelter fromhordes of zombies in a farmhouse.  The first in the Living Dead Series.  It was in black and white. There was a 1990 remake by director Tom Savini.

If you don’t want a George Romero film….
Although George Romero seems to have the zombie film market cornered and his zombie films are considered the best, there are films from other countries that are notable.  For example, many people in other parts of the world consider the movie film La Horde to be the top zombie film

La Horde (aka The Horde) – is a French zombie movie about people that must defend themselves against both zombies and  each other!


If you’re just starting out getting to know zombies, while you are watching these films, here are some useful things you should know  –

  1. Even though you may think zombies aren’t real, there are actually in fact real zombies in the world!
  2. Even though there are real zombies, not many people actually think/understand/believe that they actually are one.  And
  3. Zombies are not always human.

Now, go watch a zombie film tonight!! 😉



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