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Believe what you see right? That’s what I thought. If i never see one how can I believe it? But I really wanted to believe that the p-shift was possible, and deep in my heart I knew that I would be able to do it.

I mean it sounds so easy right? An empty space is where you need to be, not cleared of all objects empty but the kind of empty where there will be no distractions. People can’t be around, tv’s and radios can’t be on, even the man-made sounds from outside have to be muted this is why  so many have to go out to the country to try to make the p-shift happen, in the country there are less man-made sounds to be heard, and if you wait until night you have the best chance. The country is far though and it can be done in a house ideally if you are in the city.

I never realized how loud a wristwatch could be until I began to focus. I threw it out. I was sitting on the floor, legs crossed, back straight, hands on knees. Laying down would be much more comfortable to me but the difficulty in the lying down position of running the risk of falling asleep or going into a doze before making the shift happen, it will happen and you wont even know it until you wake up from you nap! I have heard of stories of people falling asleep and then shifting but I wanted to do it while awake.

While sitting there I began the meditation process, clearing the mind of all the clutter, clearing the body of all the stress, attempting to clear all thoughts until there is not one left. Every thought and every muscle in the body must be in it’s most relaxed state. I thought to myself that trying to create this “perfect” atmosphere would be the hardest part of the p-shift, I was wrong.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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  1. Dream Catcher says:

    Oh… im offended now… someone made reference to MY FAVORITE movie star….. I HAVE U KNOW MATOR (off of the cars movie) is trailor trash! BUT HE. IS GOOD TRAILOR TRASH… lmao

  2. Dream Catcher says:

    @Aconissa: Yeppers…. they split that bannana right down the middle, lay each half in the tray, pile 3 scoops of ur fav ice cream on the banners, then they put all them scrumtious. Toppings on it… makes us drool just looking at it… lol.. NOW IM GOING TO GET ONE. DAMM

  3. Lunar says:

    Lol banana splits are awesome 🙂 you should try one aconissa… and dream catcher that was so wrong teasing her with descriptions!

  4. Dream Catcher says:

    Need some COWBELL

  5. Smooth, moist banana halves, floating in a warm bath of caramel, hot fudge and strawberry syrup … slathered in soft Queen’s style ice cream in French Vanilla, double-churned chocolate, and chunky strawberry … topped with fresh pineapples, juicy blueberries, tangy raspberries and lacy whipped cream with tart maraschino cherries on top …………. yes, I think I’m walking down to the Dairy Queen…….

  6. Lunar says:

    >.< I know what's for dessert tonight

  7. Dream Catcher says:

    @Lunar: yea, so do I love, we just gotta wait till we get home though!

  8. YAY FOR ZORATH AND HIS DIPLOMACY SKILLS! I do apologize for my harsh words, but it did solve the hostility.
    At any rate, I have never had a banana split. I hear they are amazing, and with Bear Claw’s superb literature, I think I may have to run out to Dairy Queen and grab one myself
    @LordBearclaw: I actually know a couple of people in Wext Virginia. A friend of mine is staying out there for a couple months, an my little sister and her mom used to live out there. I hear the Appalachians are wondrous this time of year.

  9. i dont care about what youre saying. Good keep it up. because although i am not a kid im 24. read my myspace page then argue with me. so take that for your no proof okay. have a nice day. some people have a great amount of power an some have none. an the truth is that you cannot keep an animal in a cage forever eventually it will get free. i promise its true but dont beleive just read my myspace page. the bible doesnt lie…

  10. alex says:

    @zorath rayne wolf : wow impressive,goodworkon making peac, yet the homless hippie comment hilarouse im not. Making fun lordbearclaw but it was funny, anyways doyou have an xbox360?

  11. I have to share this with you all. The Beast of Bray Road. I did some digging and research on it. It is in Wisconsin not too far from me. Southern WIsconsin and Northern Illinois. Elkhorn, Wisconsin to be exact. I wont post much as, I encourage you to look for yourselves. But here are a few links to look at. I suggest reading through them all before making any kind of reply or decision.

  12. josh says:

    Wow I’m glad to see were all getting along….well I got on to see what everyone was.into now I’m goin to have to leave to go get a banana split lol how is everyone this evening…how and I fight with weapons to sword is my fav. I’m a black belt in karate…kill me up on face book josh hopson north carolina

  13. And… proof…. i have control over my senses. i bet you dont have the ability to adjust your vision, your hearing, touch, and smell. i can tell you a lot of thing but i can show u better than i can tell you. u cant move your ears you cant adjusst vision in dark areas. so dont hate on me simply because i have gifts an you have none. being a part of lycanthropy is no different than being an artist. if God gives u a gift to copy moments in time with oils an skin now its paper an pencils or computers an screens. so whats that mean? times change just think what if someone stood next to you in the grocery store an you saw his face shift an his ears pull back like a wolf. would u think im a serial killer. i mean really you took it too far with that.. why dont you think that way about the usa allowing gays to get married. u want your kids around that tho right….? c`mon now for real yeah their are some who lie an some are real. and right infront of you an you wouldnt even know. not sayin that their arent bad ones

  14. Lunar says:

    🙂 congrats lol. You should now go get a banana split because you just know you want one 🙂 lol but seriously yay

    Yes, banana splits seem to be calling to people tonight

  15. josh says:

    Are they ever goin to come out with another underworld movie?????

  16. @ Alex hey if you really want to know if youre a wolf or part wolf stop calling yourself a wolf an just say you have animal characteristics. its easier to connect with the beast within whatever it is. u wont trannsfer from meditation but i transform from anger an emotions everyday. an @ that nurse i dont care how much biology you studied lady u aint never met me an til you do dont judge me cuz this right here is lycanthropy since youre such a nurse for the record my moms a nurse manager with 3 degrees in science an lycanthropy has popped up worldwide since the begining of time. so youre sayin all over the world people are just lying? funny…. for real well ill be glad to send u a video mail of me movin my ears an adjusting muscles an me hardening my bones as well an the entrance an exit wounds from bullets u tell me a human that can fully recover instantly from a motor cycle crash an walk away bein shot 3 times… see i live this u only doubt me. ill be glad to show you. glad

  17. @ Sgt Crucial: How unobservant. My name is LORD Bearclaw – Lord is a masculine title, not feminine. I am a Male.

    There is no physical disease called “lycanthropy” – those are legends. Clinical lycanthropy is a very real disease – a psychological one. It is classified under Aberrant Psychology.

    I can wiggle my ears too. That’s called simply training a set of muscles that you normally don’t use. Moving muscles is well within the purview of human capability. How in the world do you expevct to videotape your bones “hardening”? Are you going to slice open your arm so we can directly see your bones? How do you intend to show comparisons between your bones before and after?

    People get shot every day and people crash motorcycles every day, as well as the most insane crashes, accidents, disasters, etc. and they will occasionally get up and walk away with hardly any injuries, or the bullets will pass through muscle tissue only and miss vital organs. It happens everyday, and your experiences thus described are hardly supernatural.

    Again, you are not a wolf, nor are you descended from wolves, nor can you transform. Human (primate) and wolf (lupine DNA cannot mix – they are sexually incompatible. If your mother is a Nurse then I suggest you get her to explain human genetics to you as well as the caloric requirement that it would take to fuel such a transformation and how the body cannot contain that many calories during one digestive cycle.

  18. Aconissa says:

    Damn I’m so hungry now! I wanna a banana split! Gargh!
    All I got is a mango ice cream bar. 🙁

  19. @Sgt Crucial: One: Your full of yourself. Don’t you EVER come here thinking your the only one who has the ‘gifts’ you have. Two: I can adjust my vision smell things miles away, adjust my hearing, etc. Three: I hope your not trying to make yourself and MarkAnthoney Gildersleeve look like two different users. The gravatar picture tells us your the same.

  20. My bad, I misread what you where saying, disregard what I just said >.<

  21. Lunar says:

    Who knows.

    Your mango icecream bar does not hold a candle to a banana split lol 🙂


  22. konno12moto says:

    @BonnieClyde: hi how are you? its nice to meet you bonny

  23. konno12moto says:

    @LordBearclaw: bear claw we all know about the illness of the mind. we are not morons you know. we just know one truth that others refuse to believe. so can we please move off the subject.

    @Sgt Crucial: wow thats cool. i am glade your alive after all that. glade to know you fellow wolf. though i do have to say i dont know if i am one are not. however i am just like alex, with over power smell and hearing. though i cant say much for my sight.

    @Lunar: mango ice cream sounds good.

    @josh: i dont think so it was only a trilagy.

    sorry for any miss spellings that probaly made.

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