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Believe what you see right? That’s what I thought. If i never see one how can I believe it? But I really wanted to believe that the p-shift was possible, and deep in my heart I knew that I would be able to do it.

I mean it sounds so easy right? An empty space is where you need to be, not cleared of all objects empty but the kind of empty where there will be no distractions. People can’t be around, tv’s and radios can’t be on, even the man-made sounds from outside have to be muted this is why  so many have to go out to the country to try to make the p-shift happen, in the country there are less man-made sounds to be heard, and if you wait until night you have the best chance. The country is far though and it can be done in a house ideally if you are in the city.

I never realized how loud a wristwatch could be until I began to focus. I threw it out. I was sitting on the floor, legs crossed, back straight, hands on knees. Laying down would be much more comfortable to me but the difficulty in the lying down position of running the risk of falling asleep or going into a doze before making the shift happen, it will happen and you wont even know it until you wake up from you nap! I have heard of stories of people falling asleep and then shifting but I wanted to do it while awake.

While sitting there I began the meditation process, clearing the mind of all the clutter, clearing the body of all the stress, attempting to clear all thoughts until there is not one left. Every thought and every muscle in the body must be in it’s most relaxed state. I thought to myself that trying to create this “perfect” atmosphere would be the hardest part of the p-shift, I was wrong.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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  1. LordBearclaw says:

    The above posts made using my name and referenced at 11:32, 12:16, 12:24, and 12:32 are not made by me. They are being made by an obvious imposter who believes that hiding behind my name is an intelligent thing to do – they are sadly mistaken.

  2. alex says:

    @lord badbreath: wow, how sad someone using ur name hahaha and whoever is making those comments god ones haha hilaruious, anyways its not me imay fight with youbut im no theft

  3. Lunar says:

    Wtc? >.<

    Howard!!! They stole my green cow again!!!!

  4. LordBearclaw says:

    How immature, and cowardly. Stop hiding behind my name and post under your own. You are gaining no respect from me or anyone else – your comments may be humorous in certain contexts, but they are neither respectful nor adult.
    So far, no matter how unpopular my posts have been, I have maintained a level of civilized and gentlemanly decorum that you, alas, shall never understand.

  5. LordBearclaw says:

    @ alex – I will debate with you or anyone else, pitting factual, proven science and critical thinking against legend, hearsay, and fantasy anyday – but what I will not tolerate is ungentlemanly behavior: I have shown you and anyone else here enough respect to use your “proper” names as you have posted them and demand the same respect in turn.
    If you choose to debate any issue in an adult forum you will adhere to proper conduct or no one will hold any respect or confidence for you.

  6. Aconissa says:

    I’ve missed so much…

  7. konno12moto says:

    @LordBearclaw: you know lightning i think you have gone on long enough with all these names. its about time to stick to only one.

  8. konno12moto says:

    @Aconissa: you didn’t miss much just some stupid over whiling fighting.

  9. @LordBearclaw: All of your disbelieving posts aside, you are a very offensive individual. You use a name such as “Bear Claw” and yet on top of that call yourself Lord.
    You see I am Native American. Oneida Tribe, Wolf Clan. I saw your picture, and if you are trying to look like one of my people with that fancy little “rainstick” you are failing miserably. Honestly it makes you look more like a homeless hippie. The stick looks like it is used to carry all of your belongings slung over your shoulder as is shown on early 90’s cartoons. Your so white (no offense to any other caucasians present) and attemping to be Native, it really offends me. You honestly look like trailor trash.
    You claim to be a nurse? Last time I heard, due to health regulations, there is a hair length limit. Your bird’s nest you got on your face nees to get trimme at least, and the weeping willow you created ith your head, PLEASE for the LOVE OF LIFE cut it!! Not sure what you’re wearing, butlooks like a grimy pncho, and if that at all makes you feel any more Native, then man, do you need to go on a fast. But of course you probably have no idea what a fast is in our culture, because all you managed to pull off is, well you haven’t really pulled it off, is the image. You really did a half a$$ job with that.
    Now I kindly ask you to 1. change your name if you choose to remain here. Or 2. Just leave, considering none of the members care for your presence.
    Thank You and Have a nice day!

  10. konno12moto says:

    wow zorath that was alittle harsh dont you think

  11. Lunar says:

    I miss tacos 🙂 oh wait… they still have those…

  12. BonnieClyde says:

    Um..I don’t know if its okay for me to post here but my names Brian, nickname Bonnie. I’m new, so hi.

  13. @ Zorath Look again, and use your brain this time. Number one: that “rainstick” is sheathed on the top in iron, because that is a seven foot long Celtic war spear with a 10 inch spearhead. The leather bindings are used to hold on the blade sheath.
    Number two: the “grimy poncho” is a raw silk Irish leine, or shirt, with Celtic zoomorphic trim across the shoulder seams. The leather headband is decorated with Celtic knotwork.

    I am NOT “attempting” to be Native. I am descended from the Celtic peoples of Europe. My family is Scotch/Irish with Welsh, Anglo-Saxon, German, and Norwegian thrown in. Those are “period” clothes of the late Dark Ages/early Middle Ages.

  14. @LordBearclaw: Either way, I am really sick of coming here and seeing your filth written all over this site. There is no point in you being here. All you do is cause drama and chaos. Is this what you want? Nobody takes any of your words to heart. Your scientific and medical ways are not the only ways. You tell me you are of Celtic Descent? That must mean the majority of your family, including you are either extremely Christian and/or Ancient Celtic Pagans. The Druids were popular around that time. So if you want to spout off about your science and your medicine, look into your religious backgrounds of your ethinic descent. Science and medicine cannot prove the magick your anscestors worked, or the god(s) they worshipped. Your likely response will be that your either Aethiest, that or a Sceintologist (correct me ifI am wrong about the second name of ‘religion”). But my point remains. Disprove the magick of your anscestors. The god(s) they worshipped.

  15. Are you a blithering idiot? Just because my ancestors mistakenly believed in “magic” does not mean I am obligated to follow suit. What filth have I written? I have maintained a level of gentlemanly decorum that is not being reciprocated. There is someone on here posting filth IN my name, and without my approval – that is why I added the pic link – to distinguish between the real Lord Bearclaw (me) and a coward who chooses to hide behind my name.

    I am Christian. Science and medicine can prove that “magic” does not exist, and to date not one person has ever came forward with empirical evidence that it does. Wanna win 1 million dollars? Write to James Randi and take him up on his challenge. He is offering 1 million to ANYONE who can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that elements of the supernatural actually exists. So far NO ONE has taken him up on it, or have been proved a faker if they have.

    I AM a Nurse, with a valid Nursing license in the state of West Virginia. There is NO “hair length limit” – if there were it would apply to females as well, because if you require different statutes for females than men that is sexual discrimination. You have received erroneous information. As to my hair length and the fact that I choose to wear a trimmed beard, that’s none of your business actually, nor is it pertinent to this discussion or relevant in today’s society.

    My name is Lord Bearclaw, and it will not be changed. My title of Lord was given to me in 1991 in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), and is a recognized title in Cantons, Shires, Baronies, and Kingdoms worldwide. Bearclaw is, by its concept, not strictly a Native American appellation. If I were strictly Viking I could use Jarl Bjornklo and mean the same thing.

    All you have done is manage to be insulting, offensive, and absolutely intolerant. I, on the other hand, have told all of you what the truth really is, backed up everything I have said with verified FACTS, and have presented my findings in a logical, rational manner. As I said before, I’m not going anywhere. This fantasy needs to be debunked, publicly, for the sake of other children who might stumble in here and take this fantasy to heart. Even if they choose to believe it they will at least have been shown the real truth and can therefore decide whether to walk in the light of truth or stumble in the shadows of fantasy.

  16. There you go – now there is NO mistake.

  17. Lunar says:

    Did you ever think, when you eat chinese… it ain’t pork or chicken, but a fat siamese?

  18. Hand-hammered and hand-engraved plate armor, hand-linked chainmail, Celtic sword and warspear, hand crafted shield of the “heater” variety, Celtic cloak and pennannular cloak pin, and hand crafted steel helm of the “bascinet” variety. That is not a costume – that is real armor – and I fight in it quite a lot, using either two-sword, sword and shield, greatsword, pike, or polearm. My weapons are not foam toys – they are fashioned from 1 and 1/4 inch thick solid rattan poles, and we fight at full speed, full strength, full contact. I can pick up and use any real weapon easier than I can a heavier rattan stick.

  19. @ Lunar – I like Chinese, and I own 4 cats, whom I love very much. But if I were to discover that the meat in my sweet and sour chicken was cat, I’d probably keep on eating. It’s all just meat – even human – and other societies look down on us because we eat cow.
    Would I go back? Probably not.

  20. Lunar says:

    Lol, its the first lyric line to a song. >.< Its stuck in my head. But actually, I would have to say what I don't know doesn't hurt me in that aspect anyway. If I'm eating cat, its dern good cat. However, that was a very good point about the meat. What is odd to some, is perfectly normal to others.

  21. @LordBearclaw: I can too, I hope your not trying to intimidate me. You know, aside from the fact that your a critic upon other’s views and beliefs, I think we could get along. You respect my views, I’ll respect yours. Fair enough? Just leave the drama out of it. when it comes to talking to you, wolven do not even have to come up, I love medieval topics. Mainly the swrods and weaponry. Not exactly porficient in it but my point stands. If we can remain in a mutual non-drama conversation I think you couldbe a decent person.

  22. Aconissa says:

    @Lunar: I miss banana splits…. even though I’ve never had one.

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