transformation manipulation


As the time gets closer things will become clearer. What seemed to be confusing then, is now becoming understandable. Time approaches and we have decisions to make, some will be for the better, some decisions will be for the worst. But no matter how time approaches you we are always in control, we never lose our ability to manipulate the future and create a path for the past. The struggle of the transformation is no different, we have the ability to control, and the ability to manipulate the metamorphosis of ourselves and of time.

determine your intent, resist what is not intended, believe the intention



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22 Responses

  1. Sabrefang says:

    Once again thank you for this one actually it’s funny you said that because I never really thought about it like that. Anyways yes I definitely agree with you

  2. areww123 says:

    i was trying and trying an my face popped out for 1 second

  3. areww123 says:

    transformation manipulation is fun to say lol:D

  4. LuciusGrey says:

    I have transformed before i have told Argentus of this awhile ago on a full moon these 4 guys 2 with knives 1 with a pipe and 1 with a crowbar jumped me and i do not know what happend but i felt a sudden burst of power speed Adrenilin and i became a beast and i killed 1 of them i broke 2/3s of one of the persons bones i smashed one of the peoples legs and i do not know what i did to the last

  5. Joel Lycan says:

    I definitely agree

  6. Alas…..I have never gotten past stage 2

  7. lupekamada says:

    what happens when you have too much control of you transformation and you can’t change anymore?

  8. lupekamada says:

    cuz i’ve gone through like 20 transformations since SEPTEMBER now i can’t change at all!!!
    what kind of werewolf am i?

  9. Sabrefang says:

    no clue I have never heard of that before

  10. Argentus Draco says:

    That is amazing!

  11. redmoon says:

    i need help, what is transformation manipulation and how do i go about it?

  12. llyon says:

    the post says it all

    think about what you want/don’t want and belive it is possiable, is mostly wil power, but those who have poor will power can meditate to relax and visualise what you want to happen

    as for lupekamada i have no idea maybe you subconcusaly don’t want to change, you have put up barriers so stop you inner beauty from reaching the surface

  13. David says:

    can someone send me shifting tips my email is *edited*

  14. Sabre says:

    Hey guys, this is Sabre checking in, but also signing off, due to some personal issues I won’t be able to write anything without influence for quite a while, I’m very sorry and hope you guys can come to forgive me. In truth part of me is dead, and can only be recovered if something happens, some of you may know what this is but I don’t want to drag my dirty laundry out in the open. So as always I wish you all the best and give my love, whatever is left. Again I am sorry, Sabre, signing off.

    Be Well

  15. brayden horvers says:

    how do you transform

  16. Arisu says:

    All i can get is a force in my face pushing out and the feeling that my legs and toung are changing,the second i move or think it stops.

  17. Arisu says:


  18. My transformation is faster if I play old school music on my guitar.

  19. Arisu says:

    cool,I wonder what type of thing would set me off

  20. BlueWerewolf says:

    I have a lot of trouble with my anger and all of the stuff that can make me phase when there are many humans around me but i know im not alone, there are few werewolves at my school and we started a little group it has help me because since we all have anger issues we can help each other try not to phase during the day, it helps a lot when you know other werewolves in your school or family but even though i have my freinds everyday i can feel my self phasing when somthing happens. I know a lot of werewolves that can say that this life is tough especially when you are the only werewolf in your family but BEING A WEREWOLF IS WORTH IT IN THE END!!!!!!!!

  21. Brandon says:

    I’m 13, but… I don’t actually know i’m a Werewolf, though i tend to have Blood Rushes at times when i’m angry, but most of the time i’m calm and Neutral, i tend to stay up late to find the Bright Full Circle moon but… Whenever i do, i get like an Urge to howl at it… Any help!? (If i am really a werewolf then, woo!).

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