Transylvania is such a well-known place, that for many, it can seem almost mythical and not real, bringing to mind craggy mountains, castles, and superstitions.  It is however a very real place located in central Romania, and is well-known for its beautiful Carpathian mountain ranges, as well as – and most popularly – for being the home of vampires.  This distinction has developed and grown over time, so much so, that many modern day people, if they hear the name “Transylvania” will automatically associate the place with vampires. Perhaps even more famously, there is one specific vampire that everyone knows that is said to call this place home – Dracula.  Today, anyone visiting Transylvania will find remnants of the places that gave this area of the world so much fame.  One such place is Bran Castle – more commonly known as “Dracula’s Castle” – which is considered the home of Dracula himself.

Is there any truth to the tales of vampires in Transylvania?

Well, that is a good question, and local folklore hints at a possible yes.  One important thing to know – and support of this  – is that the vampire – Transylvania connection did not originate with Dracula.  In fact, there were a number of other writings about vampires living in Transylvania, including an 1849 story of vampires by Alexandre Dumas called Les Mille et un Fantomes, and Jules Vernes’ 1892 story entitled The Castle of the Carpathians which included vampires….books which came out well before Bram Stoker’s more famous novel Dracula which came out in 1897.  So there is clearly some belief (and thus possible truth) in vampires that pre-date the famous Dracula stories.

Also, many Romanians and Transylvanians may be quick to say that no, they do not believe in vampires and their culture has no history of them and there is no truth behind tales of them in Transylvania.  But this answer is too quick and should not be judged at face value – because if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that yes, these same people probably do in fact believe in vampires, and that yes, there are in fact tales of vampire beliefs in Transylvania.  It’s just that they do not call them “vampires” – they call them the strigoi (souls rising from the dead) or pricolici (werewolves).  Say one of these words to a Transylvanian and you’ll find recognition – and beliefs – that are strong and go far back in their folklore, legends, and beliefs.



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  1. Kevkas says:

    it’s all got 2 start somewhere

  2. Hachina says:

    Lol, Sweet Transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania.

  3. Hachina says:

    Lol, Sweet Trаnsvеstіtе from Trаnssеxual Transylvania.

    To werewolf967: REALLY??? TRАNSЕXUAL IS ON THE WORD FILTER?!?!! GOOD LОRD MAN. Seriously. You gotta loosen up that word fіlter man.

  4. Lunar says:

    lol. Could be worse. You could get moterated for saying Straw like Aconissa and I did.

  5. Lunar says:

    * moderated
    accidently hit the t :/ awaiting moderation for saying the word again.

  6. Hachina says:

    @Lunar: You can get around the needless word filters by using these vowels instead:
    You can pretty much get get around most of the filters with those. Use them wisely, young padawan. lol xP

  7. Lunar says:

    when the moderated comment goes through, you’ll see what I mean. There’s nothing wrong with the word. It’s something you drink out of. Or rather something you are given to stick in your cup to drink out of. Why on earth it would moderate that, is beyond me.

  8. Werewolf LeaAnn says:

    Seriously, man. That’s not a bad word. Its a … word. XD. It isn’t really offensive to people unless they are sensitive. Chill man. just, Chill.

  9. Lunar says:

    Budy and werewolf967 can you please tell me why straw is a moderated word? Seriously, everytime I say it, I get moderated. I never knew straw to be a bad word to say.

  10. Aconissa says:

    Apparently the dracula legend started with Vlad the Impaler, who drank his enemies blood, burnt people and impaled them. He ruled transylvania for some time so they say.

  11. Hachina says:

    straw. now lets see the comment filter do its actions. lol xP

  12. Aconissa says:

    @Hachina: Straw kept being moderated on another page

  13. @Hachina: “To werewolf967: REALLY??? TRАNSЕXUAL IS ON THE WORD FILTER?!?!! GOOD LОRD MAN. Seriously. You gotta loosen up that word fіlter man.”
    It’s not being moderated… wheres the comment you made? It might be another word, I can take a look if you show me which comment you are talking about… Sorry guys, the moderation sometimes has a mind of it’s own.

  14. lightening says:

    Well, since we are guests here, and this site does not belong to us really, but to the people who created it, I think the moderator can do as it chooses. It is left to us to maneuver around it, because remember, without rules, without structure, without some sort of regulation, all that will happen is that the thing that was created in the first place shall be no more. Do not mistake diplomacy for progression, though the latter can in fact be regarded as moving forward, you must remember that moving forward can also mean moving away from what your initial dream was. And if you move away from the origins of ILOVEWEREWOLVES, what are we left with? Something else. Something that is not ilovewerewolves. It is true that we thrive to better our lot, but sometimes nature must take it’s course to that kind of equilibrium. Tamper with it, and you may miss out on what nature has in store for you.

    So in the case of the comment moderator. Do not be too hard on it, let it moderate. For after all, we are all seeking the truth.

    Oh and P.S. Dracula was inspired by a real life prince called Vlad Tepesh. Bram Stoker being a creative person, (and a scorpio I might add) felt he could put a twist on his story, turning it into something very dark and iconic. Yes stories of vampires existed way before Brad wrote Dracula, but so did stories of ghosts, and demons, and other scary monsters. But they are only stories. Things that were created to explain what people at that time thought were unexplainable. That is why the educated and the socially elite had no use for such things; it was left for the working class and the poverty stricken.

    Now in our time and age, it is the youths who cling on to these notions; the vampire, the werewolf, the thing that goes bumpp in the night. Through the power of the media and the way these things have been portrayed, there is a kind of glamour to these beings. So now just as the peasants of romania and other such underdeveloped areas so these monsters as a threat, the youths of today take them as wonders, as things to aspire to. In other words they take is as COOL.

    In the years to come, this view on them will be replaced with another mania. Perhaps this time it will be people in their 30’s, and this time they neither fear nor admire them. But rather ignore them altogether.

    Anyway, as said earlier, the moderator I think should be allowed to run it’s course. So let us see, just like our monsters have ended up here, where it takes us.

  15. Lunar says:

    Werewolf967 lol I was actually finding humor in the word being moderated. 🙂 thanks though

  16. Hachina says:

    @Werewolf967: Either that or “transvеstіte”

  17. Hachina says:

    @lightening: Yet some rules are needless. Example being the needless moderation for perfectly appropriate words.

  18. lightening says:

    @Hachina: Hold tight buddy. I’m sure it’ll all turn out fine.

  19. lee ann says:

    phones ringing… changed the ringtone to something cool… now i just like listening to it then calling people back…

  20. Kevkas says:

    @lightening: sometimes things such as the moderator need adjusting. btw, thanks for the history lesson that everyone should have learned b4 they hit high school -_-

  21. Lunar says:

    @lee ann:
    Lol, alrighty then Lee Ann

  22. Lunar says:

    Alright, that’s enough. Really I don’t care that much for lightening either, but so far every post you’ve posted on, you’ve bagged him for something. Ease up dude. We all agreed the moderator needed adjusting and werewolf967 took care of that. The other remark about the history lesson was really uncalled for. There are some on here that may not have made it to highschool yet and not learned it. You’re going to end up in an arguement with him and I’m not coming to your defence if you’re going to instigate with things not even worth confronting him about.

  23. Kevkas says:

    your right.

  24. Kevkas says:

    @lightening: my apologies on the history statement of my last comment to you. lunar was right. it was uncalled for. but i still keep the statement of the moderator

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