True blood werewolf treated as zoo animal

The release of the newest season of HBO’s television series True Blood is much anticipated by many humans who wish to see their Vampires portrayed as sleek and sexy and for a moment out of their day live in a fantasy world where the Vamp rules over all.

But when it comes to the werewolves True Blood promotes the wolf with an insult treating the shapeshifting werewolves like animals and not as graciously as they do the Vampires they worship (Exhibit A).

A classic example of Hollywoods’s attempts to disregard the werewolf for who and what he/she truly is, and that is -for one- more human than a Vampire could ever be. Instead signs are erected in front of the shapeshifter “viewing area” as you gaze at the implied “zoo animal” they call the shapeshifter.

Exhibit A                                         Exhibit B
True Blood wolf signTrue Blood Vampire poster

And in defense of this posts criticisms towards how the image of the werewolf is sent out to the fans and to the world by the creators of True Blood I would like to present to you Exhibit B. This is a poster from the same gallery as Exhibit A, but Exhibit B is the tv show’s attempt to promote the vampire of the series.

As you can tell from the poster for the vampire (Exhibit B) the symbolism is much more sophisticated than it is for the werewolf. The vampire symbolism emanated here is some sort of hard working, everyday type of person, who deserves to have that fresh cup of “Joe” before getting the day started…

uumm … dear Vampire… werewolves can drink real coffee if they want…

In comparison to the symbolism of the “Shapeshifter” poster I think all we have here is more evidence of the slanted view of Hollywood and their attempts at a werewolf.



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  1. Shadow Hunter says:

    Hey what city/town do you live in again? I wanna meet you one day. Lolz.

  2. gingervamp says:

    wait, if u bit them, will they become a werewolf?

  3. Shadow Hunter says:

    Uh no! Bites don’t work to change people. Even if they did, it wouldn’t have changed her cuz I didn’t bite her hard enough to draw blood out and get into the flesh. 😀 I could have but I didn’t want to hurt her THAT bad.

  4. gingervamp says:

    sorry, i dont know that stuff

  5. lonewolf123 says:

    Bastrop. speaking of which, yet again, another freaking fire! gah! now my grandmother cant get in to her property, and she has 3 cats, 3 horses, 5 dogs, and 8 goats! oh noes!

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