UARS NASA Satellite Falling to Earth in the middle of the night!!

You can’t just let stuff fall from space!! But that is exactly what NASA is doing! And who is likely to be injured? Creatures of the night!! (Including creatures of the water too!)

NASA Satellite falling to earth during midnight hours TONIGHT! – Night creatures beware!!

uars satelliteNASA is allowing their UARS satellite – the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) to fall to Earth tonight!  It is set to make its uncontrolled reentry between 11 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Friday Sept. 23, and 3 a.m., on Saturday Sept. 24, Eastern Standard Time somewhere over the countries of Canada, Australia,  Africa or the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans.

They say that the chances that a person is likely to get hurt are very remote…but how many people will be out during those hours?  It is much more likely to impact the night creatures.  So werewolves, if you’re out tonight, keep an eye to the sky!

The werewolf and other creatures of the night are at risk of being hit by flying space junk that is spinning out of control, most humans will be tucked away in their bed at night, but not the werewolf!

Besides the werewolf many nocturnal creatures are out at night hunting, gathering, surviving, and in general enjoying the beautiful night. Most humans would not like to be disturbed during lunch or worse being hit in the head by a piece of space scrap.  A human enjoying a nice juicy piece of fruit for lunch would likely be very upset if a piece of satellite struck him in the head, but nighttime creatures must put up with it!

The good: The good part is that the moon is not full tonight so most werewolves will not be out in a transformed state, however, the ones that have mastered the art of transformation “at “will” should choose wisely about shifting on this dangerous night. You are probably safer in your home next to family so that you can get up-to-date news about where the galactic trash will make it’s mark on earth! Plus you can make sure your family stays safe.  🙂

There are benefits however, to being in your transformed state on a night like this, one of those benefits might be your enhanced hearing that will assist you in locating these flying hazards from space as they come closer and closer; your speed will also allow a safer and speedier escape from harms way.

The bad: The bad part of this event (other than most of earth being put in harms way) is that alot of people will be out watching the skies for the satellite to try to pinpoint it’s landing point. At first that may not sound that bad for the creatures of the night, but think for a moment, after the impact there will be just as many humans on the ground looking for an artifact to add to their collection! This means that the werewolf and other creatures will also be put in jeopardy of being seen by a human who might not otherwise have been out. And if the impact zone happens to be near a werewolf in werewolf form that means you could have government officials hunting you down like a deer!



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3 Responses

  1. CreatureFeature says:

    From what I read, the satellite apparently was built before NASA or other organizations had the programs to keep an uncontrollable crash from happening. The satellite has been dead since 2005, so this wasn’t completely unexpected. Most of the remains they’ve found so far were in the Pacific Ocean, with some people reporting debris falling over Canada. The majority of the debris hasn’t been recovered yet.

    And for all the critters, hope they didn’t get hurt. <:(
    Weres too!

  2. Great update… thanks!Hope it all stayed in the ocean! 🙂

  3. CreatureFeature says:


    No problem! I happened to be doing a school report on it anyway. :3

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