Unexplained sound coming from deepest part of ocean confuses scientists. Could it be alien life?

sound coming from bottom of oceanThere’s a weird sound transmitting from deep within the ocean, and noone knows what it is! Scientists say it’s unlike anything they’ve ever heard before, and noone can identify any type of known animal that the sound could belong to!  The unexplained sound was picked up by scientists who were studying whales in the Pacific Ocean near the Mariana Trench (the deepest part of the ocean), and has been further studied using a hydrophone (an underwater microphone).

The hair-raising sound can be heard here.

The spooky sound was not a one time occurrence, but has been recorded multiple times allowing scientists to thoroughly analyze the noise. Their results? Inconclusive.

What is confusing to researchers is that the sound is very distinct and complex – unlike anything they’ve heard before. Still, researchers have some theories.  The predominant theory (unproven and still dubious) is that it is a minke whale noise. Specifically, scientists postulate that it sound is some kind of never-before-heard whale mating call.  As quickly as this theory was put forth however, it is being questioned.  The controversy is that the sound is not just heard during mating season, but rather is heard year-round, leading scientists to doubt it is a mating call. So what is it then? Right now it’s a mystery.




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