Vampire Deer has giant vampire fangs!

Quick fact: the vampire deer loves to eat lichens (but not lycans)! 😉

vampire deer known as musk deerThe vampire deer is perhaps the most unlikely creature you ever would have expect to see – it is an elegant typical looking deer in every way except when you get to its face – this deer has the face of a kangaroo and the fangs of a vampire! Hanging out of each side of the vampire deer’s mouth are two long, scary, sharp, fangs that look just like vampire fangs!

The vampire deer is an endangered animal that is actually called the “Kashmir musk deer” (some people have even nicknamed it the Dracula Deer) because of it’s unusual teeth. Don’t expect to see this animal in your backyard however as this deer lives on the steep slopes of northeastern Afghanistan, and is so rare that before it was spotted in 2008, it was thought to have been extinct, as the last time it was seen was over 60 years ago in 1948! Today, the deer is still considered to be extremely rare and it has been on the endangered species list since 1986, and are having a hard time making a comeback in part thanks to poachers who illegally sell their scent glands for thousands of dollars.

The fangs do make this deer a truly unique creature. You will only find the fangs on the male “vampire deer” – females do not have them. The deer’s fangs are not used to suck blood as a vampire would use them, rather they are used the same way antlers would be used – the fangs are used during mating season to attract females. Because of this use for their fangs, zoologists actually consider the deer’s fangs tusks. Interestingly, the fangs are also one way you can get a quick idea of the age of the vampire deer – the longer the fangs, the older the deer!

Watch the vampire deer eating lichens:



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