vampire elite

Are Vampires part of the elite?

Werewolves, often seen as animals to humans have yet to make a dominant positive mark in the lives of humans.

Oddly enough, Vampires don’t have many positive aspects to offer humans, yet humans tend to defend the vampire before the werewolf. The vampire thinks itself as part of the elite, rallies against humans, and often will not find alternative ways to feed because of the lack of respect for humans.

Werewolves are different. Werewolves are more concerned for the well being of humans than vampires ever will be. Werewolves, if pushed to take a side will take the human side before the vampire side if forced to make a tough decision. But even still, the werewolf will consider the vampire point of view to determine the well being for both cultures.

Werewolves are creatures of the earth, but humans defend the vampire, when will they see the truth?



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    ok… now someones just callin us all noobs and to think that we arfe happy about it. here an expression that i think i just heard: shut up! or ill hunt you down and bite your head off myself! ok.. that was bad i think. XD

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    super random! ^^

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