vampire elite

Are Vampires part of the elite?

Werewolves, often seen as animals to humans have yet to make a dominant positive mark in the lives of humans.

Oddly enough, Vampires don’t have many positive aspects to offer humans, yet humans tend to defend the vampire before the werewolf. The vampire thinks itself as part of the elite, rallies against humans, and often will not find alternative ways to feed because of the lack of respect for humans.

Werewolves are different. Werewolves are more concerned for the well being of humans than vampires ever will be. Werewolves, if pushed to take a side will take the human side before the vampire side if forced to make a tough decision. But even still, the werewolf will consider the vampire point of view to determine the well being for both cultures.

Werewolves are creatures of the earth, but humans defend the vampire, when will they see the truth?



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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205 Responses

  1. me? says:

    a werepyre interesting…. didn’t see that one coming. ^^

  2. In time my brother you will understand, it is part of an old process

  3. Fear not what you will become for you are not a monster, fear not the monster for the monster is the truth, fear not the truth for it is beautiful. In the end your fear is not a fear of becoming the monster, it is a fear of becoming the beauty, for the beauty can only be seen when you look past the monster.

  4. Lone Alpha Wolf Lexi says:

    Hmmm… The interesting things that occur when I go offline… ^.^ it’s always fascinating to come back and read it all…

  5. jakar says:

    good to see u jalarth and u to sabre

  6. Lone Alpha Wolf Lexi says:

    *yawns slightly* is anyone here or am I alone again?

  7. Sabre says:

    Hello Lexi, hello Jakar, good to see you both again.

  8. Lone Alpha Wolf Lexi says:

    Hey Sabre.. long time no see..

  9. Damon says:

    HI guy!!!

  10. Sabre says:

    Ya, hehe…sorry about that, didn’t leave a notice or anything, but I’m back and eager to help in any way i can 🙂

  11. Lost Identity says:

    this sword will soon be my own…. but will i wield it for the right reasons….

  12. It truly is a beautiful blade. I prefer to use a natural weapon like a bo-staff.

  13. Lost Identity says:

    metal and leather are as natural as anything… but it is shaped into the form that makes it useful…and this… i’ve only ever imagined possessing such a blade…

  14. lee ann says:

    Its pretty but not very shiny. I Like shiny knives better. or shiny things period. I Dunno.

  15. Zakiya says:

    its better when there shiny and covered in blood in just right places and its dark but not completly

  16. lee ann says:

    Mmmmm ya as long as its not your blood on the knife and its not someone coming after you with the knife haha

  17. lee ann says:

    Im waitin for the meteor shower by doin gymnastics lol. i was supposed to be asleep hours ago have to be up at three tommorow

  18. lee ann says:

    Head rush lmao

  19. lee ann says:

    Is anyone on???? or im gonna start talkinG to myself not even joking. itll be the weirdest thing ever i promise

  20. lee ann says:

    U guys leave me no choice. this will be weird and youll all probly think im a basket case after but ull get over it.

  21. lee ann says:

    Screw it i aint talking to myself theres only one person on this site who does that.

  22. jakar says:

    a bo-staff much easier to handle xd

  23. jakar says:

    a bo-staff much easier to handle xd

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