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Vampire Games available: This is a vampire game list for your PC or games for your console: xbox, playstation, and board games, etc.

Xbox: Xbox makes the Buffy the Vampire Slayer games, Vampire Rain, and Castlevania!

PC Games: Vampire: Vampire- The Masquerade is available for PC in a few different selections to play, A Vampyre Story, and Dracula Files are also games available. Find Dracula Resurrection to play on PC, The Vampire Diaries game, and The Vampires Coffin. BloodNet is available as a “Gothis game,” find a game inspired from the movie From Dusk till Dawn called Western Outlaw that has vamps in it and is a “shooter” game! Finally check out Gabriel Knight and Pathologic for PC game play.

Playstation games: Vampire Night, Castlevania, Vampire Rain, Dark Angel! and Vampire Night! Also avaliable for game play is BloodRayne

Nintendo games: Monsters- Dracula, and Lunar Knights!

Vampire board games: You can find a Quija type board game that is from Buffy the Vampire Slayer called Conversations with dead people, there is also the Buffy the Vampire Slayer board game and a card game. There is a game called Vampire Hunter which in kind of like a mystery game and takes batteries! For vampire board games check out Warhammer, The Vicarious Vampire is a vampire scavenger hunt game that looks really good for a Halloween party! If you are looking for another party game check out Vampire Count. Of course there is the Twilight saga New Moon board game, and the Sceneit? Game for Twilight. More vampire games include the Fury of Dracula, and Dracula by Rio Grande games that says it’s a “Nightly competition for two.”

This is a good list of Vampire Games you can find in most stores or online, if you have any suggestions for a game comment it and share with others looking for Vamp Games! Alot of people look for fun games to play especially at parties and around Halloween. Do you have any vampire game recommendations to others?



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  1. Artemis says:

    OMG I played vampire rain that game it was fun until my idiot friend scared the shit outta me by jumping up and screaming OHMYGOD

  2. vampira says:

    this web is so lame if i were u do not go on this website bye

  3. martin says:

    hoy laban kulangot

  4. i watch on tv the vampi diaries is emaizing

  5. Vampires SUCK!WereWolfs RULE!Im a werewolf.

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