Vampire monkey

There is a rumor circulating around the web about a species of monkey that subsists solely on the blood of humans.  The tiny monkey has been dubbed the “vampire monkey“.  Noone has been able to determine for certain as to it’s true existence as there is very little information on the supposed species, leading many to believe that it is in fact not a real animal, just a made-up creature.

As far as the vampire monkey, I do not have any further information to provide you as to its true existence or not.  That does not mean however that it is impossible for the vampire monkey to exist.  In fact, there are a few real animals that humans know for a fact do exist and drink the blood of animals (and humans if they were given a chance). Because they subsist on blood, many humans relate them very closely with human vampires, and indeed all have the “vampire” name in their title.

One of these animals is the vampire finch.  Unlike the vampire monkey, the vampire finch is a real creature that is known to exist.  It is a small black endangered bird native to the Galapagos Islands that uses its beak to peck at other birds until it draws blood. It then drinks the other bird’s blood as food.

Another is the vampire bat.  The vampire bat, like most other bats, hunts at night.  Unlike many bats who eat off berries and insects however, the vampire bat feeds off the blood of animals – depending on the species they prefer large mammals or small birds.  Feeding sessions typically last about 20 minutes, and involve the vampire bat using its teeth to bite it’s victim.  The saliva has an anticoagulant which prevents the blood from clotting, keeping it flowing so that the vampire bat can feed in comfort.

(Vampire Cat?)

Another animal that feeds off blood is the candiru fish.  The candiru fish is a small translucent fish native to the Amazon.  The candiru fish is famous for the story of how it supposedly entered the urethra of a human that was urinating in the river. The fish is a vampiric parasite that feeds on blood.

Vampire Monkey

Vampire Monkey



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17 Responses

  1. me says:

    hmmmm… wow! first a bat now this.. hehe..

    a hunter says: werewolves suck!
    a werewolf replies: correction, vampires suck!
    then a vampire appears saying: how rude, we don’t suck! we drink…
    (this made me laugh, others think its creepy, others think me crazy and others… zzzzzzz lol!)

  2. me says:

    ok now i think its creepy… ^^

  3. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:

    lol, i actuly find that very funny.
    even tho i am a werewolf.

  4. me says:

    i usually make stories and stuff out of rage but this is the very first time i made something out of joy and sadness ^^

  5. jo**** says:

    and also ill change my name hehe..^^

  6. jos*** says:

    hehe i also have some very funny memory than this…

  7. jo says:

    now my names official lol! ^^

  8. werewolf7809 says:

    not 2 be brutal but iwould kill the monkey

  9. Lunar says:

    Just goes to show you that there is so much in the world humans do not know about that exist for some time before they discover them

    Cute joke

  10. she wolf says:

    @me. Hahahaha!!!! Very funny! Here let me share a joke.

    There were three vampires in the restaurant. #1 vampire: rich vampire. #2 vampire: middle class vampire. #3 vampire: poor vampire.

    #1 ordered: “I like a fresh blood”, #2 ordered: “I would like a vampire stew (Dinuguan in tagalog). #3 ordered: ” Just hot water for me”.

    The 2 stared at him in shock. “Don’t you want to order? I have lots of money here to buy you a food” said #1. “No thanks, I’ve already found a napkin at the trashcan. Lets have a tea party guys!” said #3.

    It sounds disgusting right? you can comment on this wether you like it or not. No blames on me I just receive it from a text message from an unknown number.

  11. Adam says:

    There are so many species of animals still left to be discovered. It’s estimated that there are over 8 million species on earth.

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    but there is tool for this task. Just search in gooogle for; Avurker’s essential tools

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