Vampire Moth Is Real

A creature called a vampire moth has recently been discovered – and they have found species of vampire moths in Finland, Southeast Russia, and Southeast Asia. The vampire moth lives up to its name in full in that it will actually bite a human and feed off blood. While this does sound similar to what a mosquito would do, they say that the bite of the vampire moth is far worse than that of a mosquito. Interestingly they say that it is the male vampire moths that drink blood, not the females.

The question is what has driven the moths to a craving for blood? Obviously not all moths drink blood, but for some species of moths to have been found to suck blood is quite unusual…especially since these moths are very similar to a species of moth that does not drink blood! What made this strain turn to blood-drinking? This also adds to the growing list of animals and creatures that have been discovered that live off blood – birds, fish, bats, insects – there are all kinds of creatures that are vampiric and live off blood. Maybe the idea of human vampires is not as far-fetched as most humans would like to believe.

Is the vampire monkey real?



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4 Responses

  1. lee ann says:

    duuddee thats sick!!!! barbed tongues though thats freaky like pins maybe idk love to see how that feels

  2. Värlôc says:

    No the hell you don’t! I have gotten bit by on of those during my travels in Europe. Damn moths. I was achin’ all night!! XD 😀

  3. lee ann says:

    it looks so incredibly and annoyingly painful XD

  4. thats is megagross….! lol.

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