vampire names around the world

What would you call a vampire if you went to another country?  Well pretty much if you say the word “vampire” the idea is going to translate across countries without problem.  The translated name looks and sounds incredibly similar from language to language.  Take a tour around the world, and these are the words you’ll need…..

Africa – Asasabonsam

Albania – vampir

Bulgaria – вампир (vampir)

Croatia – upir /upirina

Czech – upír

Estonia – vampiir

Finland – vampyyri

France – vampyre

Germany – vampir

Greece – βρυκόλακας

Hungary – vámpír

Iceland – Vampire

Italy – vampiro

Malayasia – langsuyar

Russia – upir

Poland – wąpierz / wampir

Serbia – вампир/vampir

Thailand – แทตย์

Vietnam – ma cà rồng

Whales – fampir



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13 Responses

  1. WaterfallWolf says:

    Wow that is neat. It dosn’t surprise me though cause both thoses countrys have werewolves as well.

  2. WaterfallWolf says:

    Have you guys ever ondered what is vampires and werewolves were the same creature just diffrent style.

    Werewolf= Furry

    Vampire= Shaved (lol)

  3. Suki says:

    Dont you mean BALD? lol

  4. Somnium says:

    I think the werewolf elite is in need of an update cuz i don’t see most of these people here

  5. Aconissa says:

    It’s interesting that most of the words are similar due to those countries all having similar language roots.

  6. WaterfallWolf says:

    Ok so I have workedat this zoo for a year or to right. I work with the wolves and they are very nice but you know what they say you can take the animal away from the wild but it is still a wild animal. So here is what happened one of my coworkers lets call them Jimmy for their sake was messing with one of the wolves. Now the wolf was provoked you could tell I yelled at Jimmy to stop. Jimmy kept messing with him. So I walked over there and made the mistake of walking in between Jimmy and the wolf. Next thing I know i’m in the hospital with stitches on my arm, back, and leg. So now I’m in the hospital resting for two more days than I can leave thank god. Jimmy last I heard was fired. Talk to you all later.

  7. Suki says:

    u should have let him get hurt at least you would of had a show

  8. @Somnium: Actually they do or (some used to) frequent here so much that they moved up very high on the ranking. Even though some may have not been here recently…they have contributed in the past year..

  9. @WaterfallWolf:

    lol XD good wolfy! well that was some wolf lol XD and wait… he just got fired? hmmmpppffff…. that aint enough!!!!!

  10. WaterfallWolf says:

    I am not mad at the wolf. It was just reacting to my stupid mistake. Jimmy should be fed to the wolves. Also the meds. they put me on are really weird they make me feel numb all over. Well I get out tommorow. Talk to you all later.

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