vampire screech

Are the howls being heard? If the wolf speaks up will people hear him? Will they hear the wolf side of the story? It’s like the wolves are not being heard, like they are being drowned out by the human and vampire noise, the sound is overpowering the wolves. The overpowering sound of the vampire deceit. If only they would sit still and listen they would understand that the werewolves are creature of the earth, creatures who mean no harm.

The willingness of the wolves is there, they will participate in an equal partnership with vampires, but the vampires constantly seek any way possible to dig the hole deeper for the werewolf.

The werewolves will howl louder, they will eventually rise above the vampires and gain the trust of humans. The trust that the vampires don’t rightly deserve.

There are some vampires who understand the werewolf dilemma. Some vampires who are not trying to deceive werewolves, though there are few. We all know who these vampires are (werewolves can often sense them), they are our friends, and we know you are there, hiding in fear of other vampires who may find out your secret… that you undesrtand werewolves, and will stand by us…

We will stand by you…



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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57 Responses

  1. lee ann says:

    Good. and im first btw so there.

  2. Damon says:

    everything is sorted out.

  3. lee ann says:


  4. me? says:

    don’t think so. ^^

  5. rivkah sorrows says:

    why is this all so anti vampire? D=
    im a vampire, my boyfriend is a werewolf. i want the wolves to gain the respect of humans- much as i want vampires to! we aren’t respected by humans any more than you are, and it isn’t fair to be so negative on us. i’m welcomed by my beloved’s pack like family, and these biased opinions will have such a bad affect on both species’ (or whatever you call them).
    xx Rivkah

  6. DaRcHoWl says:

    -.- I am a werewolf, and I don’t feel the need to have the respect of the humans or the blood-suckers.

    I find the leeches pretty disgusting if you ask me, but my opinion really isn’t important.

    And I’m a lone wolf with no pack. So I really don’t need any respect from anyone because it isn’t necessary…


  7. hi my name is mike and iam a vampier and i drink animal blood

  8. hi lee ann my name is mike urbanik and iam a vampier but i dont drink hummen blood i only drink animal blood

  9. and right now iam in one of my classes iam in ebers classes

  10. and i can not love eneyone becouse i told people that i loved them then thay no what i was a blood sucking animal killing vampier and i dont wont people to call me that

  11. and iev been a vampier for over 300 years

  12. so me you are happy to talk to someone eles

  13. suix foxx whay is it wearid

  14. well rivhch sarrow thats cool iam a 300 years teen age vampier and i only drink animal blood.

  15. i'm a hood wolff says:

    well i’m a fairy princess from fairytopia

  16. well iam a buff vampier that is 300 years old

  17. iam cool and loveing and nobudynos iam a 300 years old teen age vampier

  18. well by ill talk to you guy tommrow all right me back

  19. lee ann says:

    I find it tradgically amusing when people comment on my comments from like a year ago where was i august 11th 2009….. 10:21 am……. Oh i was probably just getting off my flight from Montreal….. haha good times good times its always more fun getting on the wrong plane when your friends are with you

  20. yah that is funny i never did that befor but some of my frieands had done it befor it was funny lol

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