vampire screech

Are the howls being heard? If the wolf speaks up will people hear him? Will they hear the wolf side of the story? It’s like the wolves are not being heard, like they are being drowned out by the human and vampire noise, the sound is overpowering the wolves. The overpowering sound of the vampire deceit. If only they would sit still and listen they would understand that the werewolves are creature of the earth, creatures who mean no harm.

The willingness of the wolves is there, they will participate in an equal partnership with vampires, but the vampires constantly seek any way possible to dig the hole deeper for the werewolf.

The werewolves will howl louder, they will eventually rise above the vampires and gain the trust of humans. The trust that the vampires don’t rightly deserve.

There are some vampires who understand the werewolf dilemma. Some vampires who are not trying to deceive werewolves, though there are few. We all know who these vampires are (werewolves can often sense them), they are our friends, and we know you are there, hiding in fear of other vampires who may find out your secret… that you undesrtand werewolves, and will stand by us…

We will stand by you…



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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57 Responses

  1. lee ann that is funny some of my frieands did that it was funny but wearid

  2. well iam an 18 years old teen age boy but iam a 300 years old vampier as well what are you. lee ann

  3. and what are all the rest of you

  4. lee ann says:

    I’m um me

  5. me says:

    well im a demon and i love it as much as anyone hates it. lol!

  6. well iam a vampier and i love it to and people can love me for me or hate me i wont care joust as long as someone carse for me and love me for what i’am not joust as a monster

  7. and i told my frieands what i was and thay were like um okey so your a vampier thats cool and it dident seem like thay were like wow your a vampier and when ever i wont to date someone and i tell them what i’am thay look at me like iam wearid or strange

  8. and i can not show the hole in tier would what i’am couse then i will have no frieands and i wont frieands who loves me and cares a hole lot about me not joust becouse iam a monster

  9. me says:

    hello.. still there?

  10. and when people tell me what there are i wont care i will respecked them and when they tell me that they love me i wont care couse ill tell them that i love them as frieand lol bye

  11. so you agree with me and and for some odd reson diffrent people love me and i dont no why but you no what i dont care

  12. i sur diffrent people love you to

  13. and i baesicly it even got wearider thought out the day diffrent people even asked me out and that was the weariedes thinge i ever hurd but like i saide i dont care

  14. but i cant love eneyone becouse if i do they i will try to bit them

  15. by bit them i mean on the neck couse that is what vampiers do

  16. and its almost spring brak for us and iam exsited for that couse ill be cheking out colliges and going to the pool and maybe to the beach.

  17. and ill also be hanging with my frieands

  18. and then when i come back to lths i will be all most done with shcool

  19. and well i can only do this in Mister Ebers calles druring this pereod

  20. well bye talk to you tommrow

  21. lee ann says:

    I’m in home quarantine for break…. fun stuff

  22. lee ann says:

    I feel kind of like the quiet voice in the back of your mind when I talk on here, just watching and occasionally commenting… I’m alright with that I don’t really have a burning desire to be heard at the current moment.

  23. lee ann says:

    haha Im in quarantine for attempted anorexia self harm and drug abuse and as my mother calls it ‘reckless behaviour’ ya im such a baadddd kid

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