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A brief introduction of Vampires

Perhaps one of the most famous legends of them all, The Vampire.

The Vampire has played a part of peoples lives since as early as the first century. Originating in the European culture of the Slavic; creating the doorway for the mythology to spread to the greeks and eventually throughout Europe.

Interestingly enough, Mexico,  without any influence from the Europeans and before any first know contact by the Spanish in the 1500’s were known to have their own version of the Vampire. In Mayan the Vampire was called Camazotz.

“In Mayan lore, the Camazotz is a monstrous mix of a human male body with a head of a bat that may have developed its origins from the vampire bats of South America. The Camazotz personifies death and sacrifice, and people greatly fear the caves that are thought to be his lair.” -Karg.

Perhaps this Mayan encounters with the Vampire bats lead to tales, and the tales lead to legends. And traveling with the legends of the Mayan encounters with the Vampire bats lead to the modern association of the Bat and the Vampire.

It was not until the 1800’s that writers took the legend and began to create and elaborate on the elusive Vampire. Then, in the 1900’s the world took the words of many tales and lores and created ever lasting images in the minds of everyday people by putting them on the big screen. Vampire movies were born.


Karg, Barb, Arejean Spaite, and Rick Sutherland. The Everything Vampire Book. Massachusetts: Adams Media, 2009.

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  1. Zeph says:

    they both suck compared to demons and angels, but yea most the stuff I read is a bunch of bull it’s funny. Original vampires come from Lilith werewolves are way far back then what’s been said.

  2. @Zeph: actually you are right on the werewolf thing but vampires did originate as stated by buddy/967

  3. I don’t know about ANY body but the kitsune I met said that they have a human form they can assume it even comes with clothes. I was showed by a male.

  4. bloodangel says:

    im a vampire. i have an inkling somone would like to ask me a few quistions…you now what i say to that? GO FOR IT!!!

  5. bloodangel says:

    sorry… “questions”

  6. i love vampire and werwolf omg

  7. loleta says:

    me too

  8. Emerence says:

    I would love to meet an actual vampire or werewolf. A REAL one, not some Goth dude (or chick, or some hot-headed kid with an unnatural amount of hair. Upload a video, take a picture. Basically, PROVE IT.

  9. Moonstone29 says:

    I agree Embrence.

  10. Lycanhope says:

    @Emerence and Moonstone29: I’ve said this somewhere else, but I can’t be bothered finding it again.
    If you’re looking for proof, you’re unlikely to find it, because obtaining it is nigh on impossible except for the most skilled. Shifting requires a ton of concentration, and knowing someone is going to be watching puts a significant amount of pressure on a person. Think severe stage fright.
    Also, there are werewolves that can’t shift, so they have nothing to show as proof.
    On a side note, we owe you nothing, and don’t have to prove anything, because the whole point is that WE know what we are, and we know we’re not alone. It’s about being yourself.

  11. Mary says:

    lycanhope: Right on bro. i salute you. preach, preach!

  12. alright one werewolves and vampires are real and were out there and hey bloodangel I have a couple questions I really want to know our history and where more of us are I only met one

  13. casey says:

    vampires are real and I would advise you all to stay away far away from vampires as you can you think you want to meet a vampire but you dnt they are dark and evil you don’t know what your getting urself into stay away for your own good

  14. ainsumLe says:

    @casey that’s the truth -_-

  15. some of us are not all bad gosh lol

  16. nightwolf says:

    @casy: she has a point one of my close friends is a vamp…and im a werewolf

  17. ainsumLe says:

    @vampire girl sorry. I just have a bad experience with vampires…

  18. its all good we get tht a lot but we do have some **edited** im just glad their not on this website lol

  19. oh and thank u nightwolf

  20. sakina says:

    I stil think d vampires n werewolves exist..n i hv feelin dat in cumin centuries v gonna hv dem bck n i wish i do get a chnce tio meet dem atleas or see dem…its my crazioest fantasy to b nown by a vampire or a werewolf….hope d day cums soon n m doin a long research on dem

  21. nightwolf says:

    @sakina: thats cool i wish you luck on that dream of yours…but just to help you and stop people from yelling at you can you please spell check what you write….i understand what your saying but others might not…so please and thank you
    @vampire girl: no problem 🙂

  22. sakina says:

    Ok sure and thank you

  23. nightwolf says:

    @sakina: no problem….and have any luck on finding one yet?

  24. ok I must ask are there anyone on this website that’s 16 or something

  25. sakina says:

    I said am doing research not finding them.if destiny wants i’ll meet one;-)….

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