Vampires Signs

Vampire bat art
Vampire Bat: A symbol of a vampire
Vampire bat art

Vampire Symbology

What are common symbols associated with Vampires?

  • Bats

    Vampire bat art

    Vampire Bat: A classic symbol of a vampire

  • No reflections in the mirror
  • Speed
  • holy water
  • crucifixes
  • The nightime
  • Fangs
  • Claws
  • Blood
  • Not being able to be out in the sun
  • Coffins
  • mind reading
  • immortality
  • garlic
  • Vampires must be have an invitation to enter your home
  • The Cross

    The Religious Cross is said to ward off the vampire

871 Responses

  1. Lillith Jane Black says:

    Jay you are right but the clans part is real but its not like a big deal its just some night feeders that get together and protect each other and help each other out

    • Rain says:

      You do realize how ridiculous you sound, right? Vampires are not real, maybe they were once but not anymore, okay?

    • LegendLupe046 (Alpha of the Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

      @Rain you do realize how rediculous you sound right? Vampires are real, and like Evaluna said, you just have to see it to believe it, but they are out there, and btw Lilith Jane Black specifically said “night feeders” for someone who has never even been on this site, you are one to make assumptions. Night feeders could be a totally different thing, not really what you think it could be. I would suggest you do a bit of research before you begin to make assumptions like that. And also, think before you post something, because you could post something terribly offensive or dangerous to your own safety.

    • love says:

      vampires are real because my sister is one. I am nota vampire myself but I am a hybrid of a werewolf, witch, mermaid/siren.

  2. Lucas says:

    Hmm, i don’t think that nowadays Vampires still sleep in coffins.

  3. Very good post. I will be facing some of these issues as well..

  4. Verewolf's says:

    This website is trash.

  5. Evaluna says:

    vampires and werewolves are real you just need to find some to believe they are i live in a place where werewolves live

  6. Diana says:

    Ok, espero que estés disfrutando tus vacaciones

  7. LegendLupe046 (Alpha of the Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    @Amber don’t ask one that kind of question.

  8. Rosalie says:

    Some vampires are werewolves. It’s very well. People think they’re extinct.

  9. Evaluna (Luna of the Lunar Apocalypse pack) says:

    yep i know someone who is ha;f werewolf half vampire

  10. Darth_Dan says:

    So, to all who identifying themselves as Vampires, what is true and what is not? In particular I’m interested in the mirror and holy water parts. Is it true?
    I have quite a bit of vampiric features, but these remain mystery for me.

  11. Majj Haejeen Suizo says:

    Since i was a child i always dream to meet a vampire in person, this may sound crazy but I still believe them and i want to explore more about their culture, history etc.

  12. Kodi Jo says:

    boi. y u no do FNaF?!

  13. JoeLupe says:

    @Kodi Jo Well, the answer to your question, “boiee”, won’t exactly be centered towards a specified individual, but loosely laid out to the public, so as I must say this as fact, I ask you to Plz listen. Boiee. The answer to your belated question is indeed “due to the fact that I don’t even have the game, nor feel like wasting my time on such trivial, worldly things..”

  14. Beatrice Martinez says:

    Hi Everyone. I’m new on here. I believe in wearwolfs and vampires. I honestly love them so much. I would very much love to meet them!! I’ve always wanted to be either one but those are just hopeless dreams. But I will NEVER loose my belief in them!!! Hope to hear from someone soon! Thank you’ll!

  15. Alex says:

    Is it sad I’m skipping homework,because I like vampires better than humans,god I need a life!

  16. JoeLupe says:

    @Alex, um yeah you kind of do need to get a life.. not to be rude.

  17. srinivas says:

    hi im srinivas from india, even i want to become an vampire.. is there anyway bcz ive tried some of them but no use,,,i need help, can anybody help me….

  18. Ellie Jane Bowtell says:

    how do you become a vampire are there any ways?

  19. brionna says:

    I would love to be a vampire to it would be awesome

    • EmCWolf says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but you can’t become one. You’re either born that way or not; being “turned” is just a fictional product of young adult fiction. Same with werewolves – both conditions are purely genetic.

      “Turning” is more properly called “awakening” in both werewolves and vampires. It’s when you start to realize what you are and begin to feel the symptoms of what you are. And no, it’s NOT the typical nonsense of “oh my god I need blood all the time, I’m pale and hate the sun” for vampires or “I can hear better, see better, run faster, I can’t sleep and I suddenly love the moon” for werewolves. It’s much less pronounced/noticeable to others, unless you’re just extremely reckless.

    • love says:

      You can turn someone but not the way you think

  20. Maya says:

    I hate vampires if I see one I will runnnnnnnn awayyyyyy immediately

    • Lupe says:

      Personally, I wouldn’t care much if I saw a vampire lol

    • love says:

      my sister is a vampire but she wouldn’t attack you right away. By the way, vampires are fast so I would recommend you don’t run

  21. annoumse says:

    what about a wooden stake.

  22. Liz what do I need to change myself into a vampire fully….except strong desire….what to I need? How will I get to meet a real Vampire who can actually give me afterlife?? pleeeease pleeeeease pleease pleease please answer me….Liz

    • Actually Liz I feel I already have certain instincts which vampires have frm childhood even….that’s why want to nurture it and become one of you…………just suggest me how to increase those instinctsand become a vampire fully…………..just tell me this….ignore the previous comment dear…I think really I am one of you,because I hv canines which get out of my mouth can’t be hidden,nd a little pale complexion,love to smell blood , even other secretions……which come out nd I loved to taste blood bt it was a normal taste,no salty nthng bt had some taste nd smell which I can’t describe,so I love it…..and I saw blood moon bt when it was almost time fr it to disappear then I noticed it… happened 2times in life……… just tell me am I a vampire ? because I can’t even control these instincts …I get extremely wild in every matter………get to face many troubles in Life…..everywhere in home nd outside ….So..o.. Liz Please tell Me Am I a Vampire like you…???? if yes then what I have to do to become a full vampire?? just tell me this..and this is all I need to know…..pleeease Liz ???? please answer….please answer….?? pleeeeeeeeeasse………………… :'(

    • love says:

      just let your body take control and turn or go to a place were your vampire sences are the highest and then try to turn. like you I am not a full hybrid of a werewolf, witch, mermaid/siren , I just haven’t went in full form and I already have the signs.

  23. Dominic says:

    I belive in both werewolves and vampires.

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