Vilkacis Werewolves of Latvia

In some countries there are legends of humans that are actually able to send their soul into another creature.  The vilkacis – which are what the werewolves of Latvia are known as (Latvia is a country in Northern Europe)   are rumored to be able to do this.  Some stories of the Latvian werewolves (vilkacis) say that the werewolves aren’t actually humans that transform into wolves, but rather humans that send their souls into wolves!  The process is a dangerous – and sometimes deadly one – as sometimes once the soul has left the human body it can be hard for the soul to return back into it’s own body – causing the human to die as a consequence.  A body with no soul cannot live.

Out of body experiences aren’t unknown – in fact, it is believed that with mediation and concentration, some people can – and have had –  out of body experiences.  The interesting thing that seems to be unique to the vilkacis however – that ability to enter into the body of another creature – is not quite as common an occurrence.  Often the possession of one body by another body’s soul is associated with witchcraft.  Which brings up the question of are the vilkacis truly werewolves?  Or possibly some type of witch or other creature?  Or maybe even a werewolf subspecies?  They are certainly not what we imagine when we think of the traditional werewolf. It is worth noting however that not all vilkacis send their soul out of the body – in fact, it is not quite clear if that is what happens, as other stories indicate they may physically transform.

Other facts about the vilkacis (werewolves of Latvia):  1.) they are not immortal and can be injured, 2.) they are not believed to be evil (although there is some proof to the contrary) 3.)  females are most likely to be vilkacis.



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23 Responses

  1. Aconissa says:

    Thats an interesting way of transforming, I will look into it!

  2. papawolf says:

    its actually safer than the pure transformation….kinda painless to…all you gotta do is worry about he body

  3. Aconissa says:

    Yeah. Thats one BIG thing to worry about though, so… is t worth it?

  4. papawolf says:

    yes and no…..its mostly used by shamen and light/dark druids,its to become the very thing most fear,to see how it is to live through there eyes,thats the good part…but you cant stay in the wolf for to long or youll be there permently and your body….i guess would be your first meal,heh…thats the bad

  5. Aconissa says:

    Could it also be a way to escape the normal world? To escape humanity? To become a wolf and never have to be human again would seem good to some

  6. papawolf says:

    youd miss alot of stuff…once you gone you cant comeback

  7. Aconissa says:

    Im not saying I want to escape the civilized world, but there are those who do

  8. Jeremy says:

    I can’t stand a normel life doing the same thing everday its like everday is the same day wake up/get dressed/go to school/come back/do homework/do whatever/go to sleep.guess what ill be doing the next day -_-.

  9. Aconissa says:

    I recommend you find things to be interested in. Immerse yourself in books. Make things. Have goals. Otherwise, yes, life gets really repetitive

  10. japarapa says:

    usual transformation inta a werewolf is painless too ya know.

  11. Aconissa says:

    Really? I didn’t know that. Well, I wouldn’t, I don’t know any werewolves personally. I just watch movies and come here 🙂

  12. lee ann says:

    woah totally read princess leah instead of painless wow

  13. 3.) females are most likely to be vilkacis.
    what dose this mean!?
    I`m from Latvia,and i never heard somthing like this!Most likley the man are wearwolfs!
    Achuly the story is when the wolf is one ho turns into the human been and giving this gift to humans by a ritual!The wich`s is the one ho is threat to humans and servs the devil(in Latvian-velns)!They turns into wolf by the real wolf lether belt or neclace that gives this ability,thats why people thinks that the woman are ost likly the vilkacis!The God dog`s none as vilkacis is the one ho kills wich and other evil beens in our folclor!Ofcors there is some evil wearwolf that dosent serv anyone!Most lkly thos are humans that are forst into this ritual!But likly this is only a myth!

    Sry about my language!-I say im from Latvia and my english language is little crapy!

  14. Aconissa says:

    @Brotherhorn: I didnt know that…. I thought there were some good and some non-good witches…. Anyway, now I know better.

  15. jake says:

    ummm, not true, i come from latvia, and i have researched it before. vilkacis is the same thing as european werewolf, who shifts into a wolf. what are you speaking of is a druid. (druids can control animals and have a deep bound with nature).

  16. Lycanhope says:

    I’ve heard of this kind of shift, but it’s rare and not common practice, I don’t know anyone who has claimed to have done it. And what’s with all the witch/druid slander? Starting to sound like the inquisition, lol. Wiccans aren’t evil, at all, they just get bad reputation. Same with Druids, but they got it worse because of all the false allegations of human sacrifices.

    • Lupe says:

      Boy, do I wish you were here right now. No point in what I’m messaging, but I just figured it was worth a try; I’m getting desperate.

  17. edgars says:

    im latvian, and there is another way, you know when you can see the roots of a tree that are out of the ground you take of your clothes and hide them and go threw the roots and wualla youre a werewolf, if somebody finds your clothes.. 😀 youre a werewolf forever…

  18. Milton says:

    This could be true if one has the power to control the sub concious mind

  19. Evelīna says:

    Wow I’m Latvian this is really interesting. The things that I heard is that men are always warewolfs not females

  20. Thanks to my father who shared with me concerning this web site, this weblog is truly remarkable.

  21. Edgars F says:

    The belief is still apart of Latvian culture. When I was a kid both my mom and grandmom would tuck me in at night. First thing they did was draw the curtains closed on moonlit nights to prevent the moons rays shining on you as I slept. It was believed that the moon would affect you and eventually turn you into a werewolf.

    Vilkacis was an actual god during the Pagan times in Latvia up to 1600s. He had a entire sect or cult devoted to him.

    Even in Latvia today. The Military uses him as mascot and Lativians name their platoons after him and his kin. The Werewolf Brigades!


    Baltic Pagan an Witch.

    • EmCWolf says:

      It’s cool to see someone who is part of the culture weigh in. Thanks for sharing! We’re (kind of) active over on the chat page if you wanted to talk more. 🙂

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