War between the Vampires and Werewolves?

Does the war between the werewolf and the vampire really exist? If so, how do you know it reallyVampire Werewolf War? exists? Here are some things about this supposed war that makes me think that the war between the two legendary beings does not really exist.

1. I have never seen the war actually in action! Have you? I have heard about the war from countless sources including movies and books but have never actually seen the war. If there really is a war who was the one that started the feud? And why did they start it?

2. I know many werewolves, and believe it or not I know many vampires too and we never fight! If I know vampires and werewolves why did we not fight each other? You would think that if the battle really existed that we would be fighting! Right?

And so that you don’t take my word for it think about this… on ilovewerewolves we have many different beings, including vampires! We all know that most of the vampires on the site get along pretty well with the werewolves, and even the ones that do not get along never get involved in a war with each other.. we simply disagree and at most get in an argument.

We are all the same. Vampires and werewolves are very similar in that… we are very different from other creatures of the planet. If anything we should be getting along very well, and as I stated before I think most of us do get along. We pass ideas, stories, and struggles by each other in hopes that we an understand each others situation. Most of us offer advice to one another and would never think about getting involved in the (a) war… For the most part it seems to me that vampires and werewolves just want to understand each other and most want to be able to live among each other in peace…

If there really is a war who started it and why?

werewolves vote Is there a war between vampires and werewolves?

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133 Responses

  1. Evaluna says:

    ugh really? well on the bus today he was telling a girl that he was going to shove his you know do her throat i almost puked Lol!

  2. Lily jane says:

    lol thats something I would say even though im a girl

  3. Evaluna says:

    really? well girls and boys are somewhat alike maybe at the immaturity they have and i just deal with their drama in school and out of school

  4. Lily jane says:

    haha I know outside of school boys are even more clingy

  5. Evaluna says:

    lily you got that right Lol!

  6. Lily jane says:

    I mean its nice to have guys want to be with you but if you kiss my neck one more FREAKING TIME I swear to gosh

  7. Evaluna says:

    i gtg to bed its almost midnight here so see ya tomm?

  8. Lily jane says:

    yeah your not as bad as ya seem doggy breath its already midnight here bye scooby

  9. Evaluna says:

    @Lily imagine with what i have to deal with especially werewolf guys sure they are hot and dreamy but im taken and they need to respect that and the same goes to the human guys Lol! both of them never leave me alone 🙁 i broke a guys nose when he tried to touch me and they still dont give up Lol! but i gtg see you tomm

  10. Lily jane says:

    hahaha lmao bye

  11. Evaluna says:

    @lily are you there?

  12. Lily jane says:

    yeah im here

  13. Evaluna says:

    hey how are you?

  14. hybrid says:

    sorry was with my dad he making me do alot of training with my darker energy it drains me alot when i use to much power my dad said that side affect will go away soon enough but he also made me put a demon inside my body demons they trake the form of really small snakes but more like a worm with how small they are then they craw into your body and can control you thats why its a bad idea to summon a demon also because the only way to kill one is to drownd it or set it on fire but demons also kill the body they are in once they are done with it anyway ya he made me put one inside me then made me do some type of spell to make it hurt and come out my body and the demon fault alot keept on like making my air ways close

  15. Evaluna says:

    hey hey how are ya im sorry you had to go through all that but hey at least your alive thats the good part

  16. Evaluna says:

    and be here when liliy comes to make her understand who you are ok 😀

  17. hybrid says:

    she doesnt have to belive its fine but i know im true thats all that matters

  18. Evaluna says:

    well thats true but can you stay here until she comes on???

  19. Lily jane says:

    hey hey hey

  20. Lily jane says:

    yeah i dont have time for this nonsense cant talk now going to one last photoshoot talk later if Danny comes tell him to kill himself

  21. Evaluna says:

    lily danny dosent come here anymore idk why he hasn’t answered any of my emails

  22. Lily jane says:

    well I have to leave in 2 min if he does come on anytime tell him hes a fool

  23. Evaluna says:

    um plz dont say that i pisses him off Lol! but id love to see him break his phone or whatever he uses to come on here that will be #Goals for you Lol!

  24. hybrid says:

    ya i was trying not to come back on here because ever sence i did theres been non stop drama and im tired of all the drama so im done with comeing on here

  25. emily says:

    hi everyone sorry havent been on for a while i have alot to deal with and havent had time

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