Was Moosham Castle home to werewolves?

They say to stay away from the castle – werewolves, witches, and ghosts roam the castle grounds!

Located in Austria, Moosham Castle – also known as Schloss Moosham – has a long history with werewolves, witches, and spirits.  The castle dates back over 800 years to the year 1191, so it’s no surprise that it’s history is mysterious and controversial – but it’s also quite grisly!

Witches at Moosham Castle

moosham castleMost famously, Moosham Castle is known for its relationship to witches (hence another of it’s nicknames – Witches Castle).  The castle was the location of a number of witch hunts and witch trials (famously known as the Zaubererjackl Trials or Salzburg Witch Trials of Austria) which took place from 1675 – 1690.  During this dark period, a total of 139 people were accused of being “witches” and were executed by beheading, hanging, and burning. Most interestingly – and unusually – however, the accused witches (over 100 of them) were male, not female!  These executed souls are said to haunt the grounds of Moosham Castle to present day.  The castle is therefore known as one of the most haunted castles in Europe (best case, haunted by the souls of humans – worst case, haunted by the souls of witches!)

Werewolves at Moosham Castle

It’s not just its relationship to witches however that makes Moosham Castle so interesting.  It’s also believed to have a connection to werewolves.  Over a century after the witch trials, Moosham went through a supposed plague of werewolves.  During the 1800s, deer and cattle were found dead and mutilated around the castle – evidence seemed to suggest either wolves or a wolf-like creature was the cause. Accounts conflict as to what happened next. Some accounts indicate that locals quickly pointed to the castle residents as the cause, claiming that they were in fact werewolves.  Other accounts indicate that it wasn’t the castle residents, but rather local residents who were identified as being werewolves.  In either case, it appears that the “werewolves” in question were detained and possibly tortured in the Castle dungeons – some accounts also indicate that they were eventually executed as well.

Visit Moosham Castle – if you dare

Whether or not there are still (or ever were) werewolves and witches in the vicinity of Moosham Castle is unknown.  But one thing is certain – the residents did in fact believe that there were. So much so, that they staked lives on that belief.

If you dare to visit Moosham Castle, you can find hours and more information on the castle website here.  It is located in Unternberg near Salzburg, Austria.  To get there you can take a bus from the Salzburg bus station (about a 2 hour ride).  There is a museum at the castle that you can tour.  Click on the link above for more information on hours and other things to do.



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