Watch a Wolf – Unique Christmas Present!

I know it’s early to be thinking about Christmas, but if you want to get the Christmas present buying out of the way early, here’s a unique gift idea for the animal or wolf  lover…the Wolf Watch Experience!

If you live in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, or Los Angeles this might be the right Christmas present for your fellow wolf lover!  You get a walk or bus ride to a preserve to meet foxes and bobcats, a talk with an expert, and then get to observe wolf packs. As a souvenir you get a framed wolf pic at the end! Prices start at $50…which might be kind of expensive. However, you don’t necessarily have to buy a commercial wolf package…why not plan the wolf watch experience yourself? Buy the tickets to the wolf (or animal) preserve in advance, book any tours of the preserve, print your itinerary yourself, and put it all in a little gift pack…with a wolf card explaining what it is.  Maybe even include a stuffed wolf animal with the package. Easy to make a memorable gift for those who care about wolves…if they don’t like wolves, change the wolf watch to any other animal watch.



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