WATCH LIVE Tonight’s Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse RIGHT HERE!


If the sky will be obscured whereever you are, you can watch the eclipse LIVE right here

The celestial event scheduled for tonight is special for werewolves – it is the first full moon of the year, the first lunar eclipse of 2019, and a Wolf Moon to boot!! In addition to all that, the moon will also appear slightly reddish (blood moon) and it will be a supermoon (appear bigger and brighter than normal full moons because of its proximity to earth!)

The lunar eclipse will last for just over an hour. When it begins depends on where you are located – for example, in Los Angeles California, totality begins at 8:41 PST and ends at 9:43 PST, while in Miami Florida, totality begins at 11:41pm EST and ends at 12:43am EST. To get a better idea of exactly when you’ll be able to see it in your specific location, go to timeanddate and put in your location.

Just as a sidenote – there will be no more lunar eclipses until May 2021!



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  1. Eyes of Opal says:

    wow! i went and saw it in real life, i was jumpy and super energetic this morning, this might explain it. super pretty!

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