Weekend Supermoon Sends Humans into Frenzy

Last night humans were crawling the woods, trying to commune with nature through the light of the full moon.  They were out in parking lots staring at the sky with mouths agape.  They were peering through camera lenses attempting to capture the brilliance of the shining orb above them.  They were everywhere – each fighting for a chance to see one of what many are calling the “Summer of Supermoons”.

Supermoons are generally bigger and brighter than regular full moons….and, according to NASA, this summer’s full moons from July 12, August 10, and September 9 are all going to be supermoons! (Complete full moon calendar for 2014 here).  And don’t forget about the next 3 upcoming bloodmoons!

What does this mean?   As the supermoons continue, many humans will find themselves feelinng an inexplicable urge to be outside. To look up.  This last supermoon bears testament to that fact – it was full of full moon barbeques, full moon hikes, full moon bike rides, and full moon camping – only to name a few.    All excuses for humans to feed the inner pull the moon is having upon them.  For a fleeting time, these humans (manyof whom believe that the moon’s influence is nonsense) will feel a glimmer of the pull and draw that werewolves feel.

With this in mind, werewolves should be aware that this summer’s full moons in particular will be ripe for humans to tred into werewolf territory, and ripe for werewolves to be spotted.  Thankfully most eyes will be held by the beautiful glowing full moon above.  And even those who may think they glimpse something will be unlikely to believe their eyes.  But with the masses that will be descending and encroaching on territories humans generally have forgotten in favor of crowded urban areas, caution is still warranted.



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