were oh where do werewolves sleep…

 Do werewolves sleep, and if they do sleep where and how do they rest? This needs to be covered.

Speaking in terms of the weighted one, the human living with the curse, his sleeping accommodations could be anywhere, the same as any human. The weighted one (werewolf in human form) will sleep as any other human does, but it is more likely that all weighted (cursed) people will sleep in much of the similar positions. The most popular positions for weighted humans (cursed) to sleep are:

  1. On the side. A human living as a werewolf will most likely choose to sleep on his or her side with the feet pulled slightly toward the chest. Position will often change throughout the night but most likely the weighted one will wake up in this position.
  2. On the back, hands or arms crossed OR on top of the chest. Many will say this is a “vampire” sleeping position which may be true, but this is also true for werewolves. The human living with the curse will sleep flat on the back with the hands or arms placed more frequently on top of the chest or somewhere on top of the body. This position comforts the weighted human much the same way as sleeping on the side.
  3. The third and least popular for the werewolf sleeping position is sleeping on the stomach. Werewolves are rarely caught off guard, this position is not efficient for the werewolf if he needs to wake up quickly, or is startled during the night.

Sleeping positions may differ depending on what is happening in the weighted persons life, different life events call for different attitudes. How the cursed sleeps often depends on the life events of the werewolf.

Now we all ask do werewolves in werewolf form sleep?

If one to ask me if werewolves in werewolf form sleep I would always say no. Werewolves do not sleep. But you will find upon asking other werewolves that many will say they do sleep. This is frequently a misunderstanding on the behalf of the human part of the werewolf that believes he really “took a nap” when in reality the werewolf in werewolf form was fully awake and conscience. This is often a sign of lose of control.


* readers, a quick note: I refer to werewolves in human form as the “weighted ones.” These are the humans who live with the curse of the werewolf but are still in human form. I find, and many readers find, that referring to the humans living with weight of the werewolf as “cursed” is demeaning and unpleasant to the weighted ones. This may seem confusing, just remember, if you are a human living with the “curse,” then you are a weighted one. If you are a weighted one who has transformed into a werewolf then I refer to them (you) simply as “werewolves” or human in werewolf form.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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  1. I cannot hold back any longer Defend yourself or you will burn


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  5. I have scared him off yet again……..

  6. lee ann says:

    oman think Im gonna be sick, why I dunno

  7. Argentus Aureaus says:


  8. Argentus Aureaus says:

    Lee ann, hold on to me.

  9. I will be right back

  10. Argentus Aureaus says:

    lee ann, what do you feel?

  11. Argentus Aureaus says:

    like a blender in your stomach?

  12. Suki says:

    lee ann if u read this i am so sorry about not answering u on y sight i was at the store so agen sorry

  13. sleep says:

    This is an interesting question.

  14. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    ive woken up in a sleeping in a position very similar to the way a dog sleeps so i sleep in very weird positions but my wolf form is exactly like a wolf so that might explain that

  15. werewolftrier says:

    im doing the m shift

  16. pklett92 says:

    -throws up a bs flag on A Wolf in Disguise- in your dreams faggot.

  17. Re-searcha says:

    When did any of you ever see a werewolf? Or is this just wishful thinking?

  18. vVarloc says:

    Well, Re-searcha, some of us have actually seen werewolves. I have during my stays in the UP of Michigan and in my reecent travels in the northern US woods. I’m going to Russia later this year to find some of the Russian breed. These things you must really look hard for. That’s how I became a lycanthrope. (Yes, I am completely sane. I made sure of it in California, New York, Michigan, Texas, and Arizona.)

  19. Hachina says:

    How werewolves sleep depends on the individual’s personal choice. 😉

  20. Re-searcha says:

    vVarloc wow. You’ve seen a werewolf? Hey how old are you by the way?

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