were oh where do werewolves sleep…

 Do werewolves sleep, and if they do sleep where and how do they rest? This needs to be covered.

Speaking in terms of the weighted one, the human living with the curse, his sleeping accommodations could be anywhere, the same as any human. The weighted one (werewolf in human form) will sleep as any other human does, but it is more likely that all weighted (cursed) people will sleep in much of the similar positions. The most popular positions for weighted humans (cursed) to sleep are:

  1. On the side. A human living as a werewolf will most likely choose to sleep on his or her side with the feet pulled slightly toward the chest. Position will often change throughout the night but most likely the weighted one will wake up in this position.
  2. On the back, hands or arms crossed OR on top of the chest. Many will say this is a “vampire” sleeping position which may be true, but this is also true for werewolves. The human living with the curse will sleep flat on the back with the hands or arms placed more frequently on top of the chest or somewhere on top of the body. This position comforts the weighted human much the same way as sleeping on the side.
  3. The third and least popular for the werewolf sleeping position is sleeping on the stomach. Werewolves are rarely caught off guard, this position is not efficient for the werewolf if he needs to wake up quickly, or is startled during the night.

Sleeping positions may differ depending on what is happening in the weighted persons life, different life events call for different attitudes. How the cursed sleeps often depends on the life events of the werewolf.

Now we all ask do werewolves in werewolf form sleep?

If one to ask me if werewolves in werewolf form sleep I would always say no. Werewolves do not sleep. But you will find upon asking other werewolves that many will say they do sleep. This is frequently a misunderstanding on the behalf of the human part of the werewolf that believes he really “took a nap” when in reality the werewolf in werewolf form was fully awake and conscience. This is often a sign of lose of control.


* readers, a quick note: I refer to werewolves in human form as the “weighted ones.” These are the humans who live with the curse of the werewolf but are still in human form. I find, and many readers find, that referring to the humans living with weight of the werewolf as “cursed” is demeaning and unpleasant to the weighted ones. This may seem confusing, just remember, if you are a human living with the “curse,” then you are a weighted one. If you are a weighted one who has transformed into a werewolf then I refer to them (you) simply as “werewolves” or human in werewolf form.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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  1. jenna = not one for ur bs says:

    clearly older than you because he has a job thats not why hes not here all day on the computer trash talking other people like some stupid smarta** i know dont worry researcha i wont mention your name (;

  2. lycanhope says:

    vVarloc, you are so full of it. 1:Lycanthropy is a mental disease, not being a werewolf. 2: there isnt anything to look for in a werewolf, they look exactly like wolves (this should answer re-searchers question too: noone would know if they saw a werewolf). 3: you say you “became a lycanthrope”, did you get bitten? Well that will only give you an infection, the normal kind.

  3. anonamous-werewolf says:

    i prefer sleeping on the floor over sleeping on my bed.

  4. anonamous-werewolf says:

    @lycanhope: then how does one become a werewolf?

  5. anonamous-werewolf says:

    and i’m a real werewolf, i’m just curious as to what a werewolf must do to make a human into a werewolf.

  6. lycanhope says:

    you dont become a werewolf, werewolves are born not made. If you were a werewolf you would know that.

  7. anonamous-werewolf says:

    @lycanhope: i’m serious, i’m really a werewolf. and how would i know that if i just recently found out i’m a werewolf?

  8. lycanhope says:

    Thats a fair point, i wouldnt know anything either if it wasnt for the pack. I suppose you will just have to discover things for yourself, but i wouldnt learn from sites like these as they are almost all humans.

  9. anonamous-werewolf says:

    @lycanhope: so do you know of any sites that aren’t mostly humans?

  10. lycanhope says:

    not sure if my last post showed up, so im posting again. I would rather not hand out information on the packs to everyone who asks, so it would be best if you asked me questions about what and who you are. Here’s my email: *edited

  11. @lycanhope: On the contrary there are some things that can be considered as created werewolves.

  12. lycanhope says:

    Do tell, i would love to hear a human lecture a werewolf on what is and is not a werewolf. If there are other types of werewolves which can be made then i have never heard of them.

  13. @lycanhope: It is amusing how you claim such things before you even know a person. I am not lecturing I am simply saying that there is more too it.

  14. lycanhope says:

    Im aware, and im asking what you know, sometimes i can sound extremely annoying/mean, my bad.

  15. @lycanhope: Personally I will not use the words werewolf in the first place. It is such a ridiculous term that explains nothing.

  16. I have added you on your hotmail. I just prefer not to chat on here anymore. If you do not mind

  17. Lycanhope: I acknowledge and appreciate the knowledge you give here. I am going to add you on msn so we can chat further.
    A few things you should know about this site though, before I leave..
    The regulars here are all otherkin
    The humans here are usually passerbys except idfk what researcha is still doing here.
    This IS a great place for learning. This is where I first came when I found out I am a wolf, and Howard up there is the main person who helped me through my transcension into the ways of the wolf. Now it has been three years since I started visiting ilw, and i know a great deal about myself things i would have never known if it werent for the wonderful hep i got here.

  18. lycanhope says:

    Zorath: My apoligies to howard, and i hope that i have been useful to people on this site more than an anoyance. Oh, and dont have msn by the way, sorry. You can send me an email though.

  19. lycanhope says:

    Zorath: My apoligies to howard, and i hope that i have been useful to people on this site more than a hinderence. Oh, and dont have msn by the way, sorry. You can send me an email though.

  20. That guy says:

    as far as i know it is imposable for a werewolf to sleep in werewolf form. to relax your body and mind that much would cause them to chance back

  21. spiked wolf says:

    im here to say some more facts about werewolves like that werewolves sleep with their mouth closed because their jaws are very hard to open……..btw there are two types of werewolves…….Alpha (me) werewolves that were born not made………and Beta werewolves that were made by potions,bites, or spells…..if u want to know more talk to me on yahoo look for Christina Ward

  22. Wolf-Boy says:

    i sleep on my side, sometimes curl up in a ball.. or as much of one as i can.

  23. Well if i’m thinking correct aren’t werewolves mythological nocturnal creatures?
    If so wouldn’t they stay awake at night then return to their human forms in daylight hours, therefore not actually sleeping as werewolves at all?

  24. nope…. mythology came after the werewolves… the werewolves were first then the humans then came mythology XD

  25. its beings then knowledge XD

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