Werepire / Werepyre

A werepire is a cross between a werewolf and a vampire. Alternate spelling includes werepyre. You might also hear a werewolf-vampire hybrid referred to as a werevamp. Either reference – werepire or werevamp – is acceptable.

(Also see: Half Werewolf)

The senses of werepires are different from those of pure vampires or pure werewolves – one of the most notable differences is that these crossbreeds have a stronger sense of smell than either the werewolf or vampire. This is probably because both werewolves and vampires have a very keen sense of smell – a crossbreed therefore is predisposed to have an even stronger sense of smell.



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239 Responses

  1. jäÿ says:

    Hachina u live in Alberta ¿

  2. lee ann says:

    Ya re-searcha I found the crazies you were talkin bout

  3. lee ann says:

    sakura leave this place isnt for you bs.

  4. Narcruo says:

    he he he ha ha ha ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Like you could get me psychopath. I am part of a an organization, if I go missing theyll know it you, and further most, I highly doubt youll get a ninja. and remember I am fox, I can out smart any of you dumbass wolves.

  5. lee ann says:

    oh sweet my linked worked it usually doesnt and yo clock bring it on man

  6. jäÿ says:

    Lee Ann u said u r a vampire

  7. jäÿ says:

    What’s that

  8. jäÿ says:

    Add me on face book

  9. lee ann says:

    u add me i cant add ppl on this computer

  10. lee ann says:

    u better not screw around though or ill delete you

  11. jäÿ says:

    Googled it do u know how to become one

  12. jäÿ says:

    Going swimming

  13. lee ann says:

    become one of what and ok? o.-

  14. jäÿ says:

    Add_ me_ on _face_ book

  15. lee ann says:

    i dont even knwo ur name on fb just click on my name and add me

  16. sakura says:

    Lee ann why the hell are you going so bullshity just because i’m here. I’m here to post just like everyone else and if you can’t deal with it leave.

  17. lee ann says:

    dude you leave man everywhere you go you bring drama this isnt one of your stupid chats sakura leave or legit ill f_uck u up

  18. sakura says:

    i’m not bring shit here you started it i just finish what is started and you know what your lucky i have no control over what any one at the chats do or you would be out of there in a heartbeat. your just a little kid who can’t keep her mouth shut you open your stupid mouth because you dislike someone or your jealous of them and thats so childish. I came here to comment on some elses post not yours because i honestly couldn’t careless what you say. You act so stupid and childish and you try to tick everyone off just to have your stupid fun and you know what its something only a little kid would do.

  19. Hachina says:

    Do I know you, sakura..? J/w

  20. sakura says:

    idk do you?

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