werewolf and water

Is the werewolf afraid of water?

In the general sense of being “afraid,” no, werewolves are not afraid of water. You may find one scampering  through the banks of a river or lake. A werewolf in werewolf form is not a swimmer, he or she is not built for the water. However, you may find one in water. Dry land is where he or she can use it’s power to it’s full potential and this is where you will mostly find werewolves. Nevertheless, the werewolf is not afraid of water, most times the werewolf is merely just inexperienced at handling life in the water deeper than the head of the wolf, and will not make the time to adjust. It would be a rare occasion that you would spot a werewolf in water deeper than it’s shoulders.

As for the weighted person- the werewolf in human form. In most cases the weighted person does love the water. The werewolf in human form most times is calmed at the site of large bodies of water, and given the opportunity, will swim and enjoy the water. The weighted person will swim to calm, swim to soothe, and swim for fun.



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  1. Silver says:

    this is interesting, does no knowledge on how to deal with water pass from the human to the Wolf? i agree that the power gained on land will be wasted in water. thank you for the post it’s helpful

  2. Sabrefang says:

    Well that explains some of what I felt when I was near water hehe

  3. Argentus Draco says:

    I love the water. I cant explain it, but i feel at home there as much as i do on land.

  4. Rastio says:

    hey great news im in the process of having a texting conversation with a vamp who somehow magically got my phone number

  5. Argentus Draco says:


  6. Rastio says:

    anyway water
    i used to not be able to swim
    almost drowned once
    but now im faster swimmer than my friend

  7. Rastio says:

    and hes on a swim team

  8. Argentus Draco says:


  9. Silver says:

    Argentus, I’ve just seen your Blog from the link you used to use with your name i must say its great, the picture you have on it was one i used for ages as a background for my laptop 😀 thanks for the link, anyway im headin off for the night because i need sleep, too tired haha. See y’all tomorrow.

  10. lee ann says:

    Go OBAMA!!! I’m soooo glad Bush is finally out of the whitehouse!

  11. Lugh-Kay says:

    Um… Obama’s a werewolf? I always took him to be the Lich type, not the werewolf…

  12. Argentus says:

    Silver, keep that link SECRET!!!!!!!!

  13. lee ann says:

    omg Lugh-Kay thats so racist! how can you call another living thing like that?! Your just jealous cause your not in office ruling america and he is.

  14. howl says:

    i need help! my sister and her family are moving into my house! any advice please?

  15. howl says:

    she found out that she is a werewolf…

  16. Werewolf or Vamp? says:

    Lol i used to feel really weird around water now i love it!! I usually spend the time that im not on my computer in water,reading,or exploring the woods around my house! I have been interested in wolves lots lately and i’m going into the woods more.

  17. Werewolf or Vamp? says:

    And i like reading scary stories!! OOOOOOOO!!

  18. ILiekPizza says:

    Wrong. Werewolves can swim. It’s a matter of if they learned to swim in wolf form or not. Either way its refreshing :3

  19. @ILiekPizza: Wrong again my friend. The werewolf can swim in wolf form in general. The human form has to learn though.

  20. she wolf says:

    pffft. Even me I can swim. I went to guimaras last year to have swimming. Despite I didn’t took swimming lessons, its on my instinct to swim. It’s weird to me because none of my family know how to swim. Or maybe its because we just live beside the river so I learned it in a young age.

    ( my parents lived 15 kilometers from the river and this explains that they didn’t know how to swim)

  21. ArgharnaWelyn says:


  1. January 7, 2019

    […] chance of escaping if you were to perform the duck maneuver. The reason is merely because while werewolves are certainly not afraid of water, it is merely not their strong suit. They certainly could still capture you if they wanted to, but […]

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