Werewolf Bait

I’ve been reading some reports of werewolf hunters how use raw meat and catfood as bait for werewolves. Raw meat and cat food?! While I’m sure that these are very tempting dishes for a tiger, lion, or other animal, it is certainly not going to tempt a werewolf. Werewolves are intelligent creatures! If they stopped for raw meat and catfood, well, they would hardly make it past the first house they passed! But seriously, why would they think that either of these would tempt a werewolf?  Any werewolf hunter that is using items like this to find werewolves is either (1) a fraud or (2) does not even believe that werewolves exist. Since these two pieces of bait are so ridiculous to begin with, I’m not even going to bother to warn werewolves to beware them.

But, there are some werewolf hunters that are a little more sophisticated and actually use people as bait. This is an interesting method of hunting werewolves which all werewolves should be forewarned about. Werewolf hunters do not use humans solely as the traditional bait-on-a-hook, waiting for werewolves to attack the person they have exposed (although there are certainly some werewolf hunters that use this archaic and unlikely to be successful method).  Real werewolf hunters will use a more sophisticated technique.

The best werewolf hunters actually realize the intelligence of werewolves and that the previously described methods are unlikely to be successful in capturing or revealing a werewolf. Some therefore have taken to using humans as bait in a different way – they find humans they believe can befriend, gain a werewolf’s trust, and become a confidant.  Sometimes the humans they use as bait are aware of their part in the scheme, however more often than not, the human is unaware of their role in the hunt.  They are set-up just like the werewolf is set-up.  While we have talked before about the dangers of revealing your true identity and the importance of keeping your secret, it’s important that all werewolves keep in mind that not only do they have to have complete faith and trust in the human they share their secret with, but they must also be aware of who that human associates with.



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27 Responses

  1. Aconissa says:

    Damn hunters. Not all werewolves are bad! IN fact, most arent!

  2. Re-searcha says:

    Aconissa, firstly, if you are calling a thing a werewolf. Then it is bad. A werewolf or anything that goes by that name is bad. It is like me saying not all keillers kiell. Why then are you calling it a kieller? How can a kieller not kiell? If you don’t kiell you are not a kieller, hence if you aren’t an evil thing that goes about tearing people up and eeeating them, then you are not a werewolf. If you demand to be represented as something, call yourself something else, but not a werewolf. Wow, it’s like me saying I am a girl, but I don’t have a vaginna, but still call me a girl because not all girls have vaginna’s? Tell me does that even make any sense?

  3. Re-searcha says:

    Secondly, the reference Buddy is talking about, when he says he has heard of some werewolf hunters using raw meat and cat food as bait, that is actually taken from a drama show aired in England called ‘BEING HUMAN’ where a man says werewolves eat cat food. So he didn’t hear it from any real event or anything like that.

  4. Re-searcha says:

    Secondly, the reference Buddy is talking about, when he says he has heard of some werewolf hunters using meat and cat food as bait, that is actually taken from a drama show aired in England called ‘BEING HUMAN’ where a man says werewolves eat cat food. So he didn’t hear it from any real event or anything like that.

  5. Re-searcha says:

    Thirdly, why, oh why, ohhhhh why, would a werewolf hunter use another human being to befriend a werewolf then betray him? Why doesn’t he just befriend the werewolf himself? It would be a lot easier and less complicated. The hunter could be hey i’m your friend let’s hang out, then betray him, as opposed to the hunter GETTING someone else to befriend the beast, telling this person the necessary instructions, training this person in the necessary cautions, sticking a tape on this person, monitoring this person, and while this person is hanging out with the werewolf instructing this person to deal the betraying blow. Why would a hunter do this, when a hunter could do it himself? And do it a lot faster might I add.

  6. Re-searcha says:

    In other words I think you need to rethink what you posted buddy. And probably rewrite it, because I am an intelligent man, and it is going to take a lot to make me dazzled.

  7. Re-searcha says:

    And Buddy we both know, werewolves do not exist. This is just a site that discusses the lore around them and probably a site open for a few opinions of our own, a site to discuss what we’ve heard about them, etc. Which you are doing now, but which I am seriously doubting is authentic. Because I have watched ‘BEING HUMAN’ and that very episode about the cat food was one of my favorite buddy.

  8. lee ann says:

    so your not a girl?

  9. Re-searcha says:

    No lee ann i am not female, I don’t know everyone keeps asking me that. I graduated from college about four years ago, and I was the only guy in the 4.0 range, the other two were girls.

  10. lee ann says:

    so your a dude? hmm didnt see that one coming but ok…. If your not a girl why do u waste ur time writing rants and why is ur name feminine?

  11. Aconissa says:

    I agree with lee ann… why is your name girly? Anyway, stop calling buddy a guy, she’s a girl. And, you have absolutely NO RIGHT to assume werewolves are bad. The word werewolf doesn’t mean something bad, it just means someone who transforms into a wolf! Get it right, dude.

  12. knowledge seeker says:

    i must agree with aconissa and lee ann on this u think ur so smart bcause u graduated college but i bet u never even did any actual research outside of ur comfy computer chair. i graduated college 2 and i very much believe in werewolves as well as vampyres. i am also a witch i am very open minded and in fact believethat i have some wolf blood in my lineage. so re searcha why dont u go out and do some actual research in the field b4 u state ur opinion. i believe all legends hold some truth and anything is possible.

  13. Aconissa says:

    So right knowledge seeker. Stop acting all high and mighty re-searcha

  14. knowledge seeker says:

    thanx aconissa u rock. i luv werewolves vampyres and wolves in general.

  15. lee ann says:

    woah people agreeing with me, thats a first but its kinda nice….. XD

  16. Aconissa says:

    Thanks to you too knowledge seeker. And I love werewolves and vampires too… and wolves of course… I even named my dog Wolfy 😀

  17. knowledge seeker says:

    can anyone tell me how to activate my wolf abilities? i know that i have wolf blood in my veins.

  18. knowledge seeker says:

    i certainly have the anger and passion of a wolf. i need to learn 2 take control of the anger though. i really want to learn to shift i know some say they cant control their wolf form but i think it can b controlled. any opinions?

  19. blackwolf says:

    I am a werewolf, and a girl in case you thought otherwise. There is no way you can learn, it’s just experience

  20. knowledge seeker says:

    so there is nothing that can help what about meditation on my wolf side? there must b something that will help me connect with my inner wolf.

  21. knowledge seeker says:

    yesterday when i woke up my mate told me i smelled like i was covered in bllood but there was no bllood anywhere also on ocassion i get told that i smell like wet dog. i never transformed into a wolf yet at least i dont remember is it possible that i shifted without knowing it and just dont remember????

  22. knowledge seeker says:

    what do u think any opinions from other werewolves???

  23. Aconissa says:

    I’m not a werewolf, but maybe you should try meditation or something similar.

  24. ILiekPizza says:

    Lol! Raw meat out in the open is a dead giveaway. They should try peanutbutter cookies instead.

  25. Varen says:

    You’re pressing your views on everyone else, being rather rude, and your ranting is defeating the very purpose of this site. Does a lion in a zoo kill wild animals? No. It eats butchered meats. Keep that little analogy in mind when thinking about werewolves in the modern world.

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