werewolf bite what to do

Before I go into what to do if you are bitten by a werewolf, I would first like to say that if you are bitten by a werewolf, and you survive, it is by design.  It is not an accident that you have escaped a werewolf attack with only a simple bite.  Chances are that the werewolf only intended to scare you. Take whatever hint or lesson the werewolf is trying to give you to heart.  You may not be so lucky next time.  With this said, if you find that you are bitten by a werewolf, chances are very strong that it is not fatal because the werewolf did not intend it to be so. So, what should you do about a werewolf bite? I’ve outlined the general steps below, but remember if the wound is very severe, seek medical attention immediately!

Step 1. Remain Calm
If you have a werewolf bite, the first and most important thing is to remain calm.  A werewolf would not let you escape with just a bite unless he / she wanted to.  So the important thing to remember here is that if you do whatever it is that the werewolf wants, chances are you will not see the werewolf again.

Step 2: Clean the area
Remove anything that is around the werewolf bite (clothing, jewelry, etc.), then wash the area gently with soap and water to remove anything that is in the wound.

Step 3: Apply antibiotic
To prevent the would from infecting, even if it seems pretty small, you will want to apply some kind of antibiotic ointment like iodine to the wound, then cover it with a bandage to prevent it from getting dirty.

Step 4: Allow time to heal
Werewolf bites are incredibly painful, and do take a good deal of time to heal. Allow sufficient time and the wound will eventually heal, although you may retain a small scar.

Remember, seek medical attention for severe wounds.



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108 Responses

  1. I’m a wolf in Texas. Haha. 😀

  2. lonewolf123 says:

    Hmmm… good point. what do you 2 think i should do? i prefer the easier one, cuz its always better

  3. You should draw two wolves laying with each other on a hill staring up at the moon. Or make them howling together. 🙂

  4. lonewolf123 says:

    Sometimes i wonder why harold camping is so stupid, and thinks hes christian, but as said in the bible, do not predict the end of the world, you will go to hades (hell) and now everyones getting worried cuz of him. its irritating. hes predicted all the ends of the world. 2012, may 21, this year, 1996 or 1995 and all that. its like shut up! but now i have an advantage over my gf. her birthdays may 21, and i said she was going to be the cause. she chased me for 45 minutes. lots of people think its 2012 cause the mayan calendar stops, but we dont know when they died out

  5. Haha. Them people are just trying to scare us. The world is not going to end in 2012! How would them people know for sure?!

  6. lonewolf123 says:

    I know right? now im a werewolf elder! yaaaay!

  7. lonewolf123 says:

    I think ill do the howling one. sounds cool. do it on a mountain with the moon over it, and theres a sillhoette of it. that would be cool

  8. Awesome. 😀 You must be an awesome drawer if you can draw that! Haha 😀

  9. lonewolf123 says:

    Ehh, not the best. theres this one girl at my school (we are always fighting over whos best. im the best male drawer and shes the best female.) who drew a scene of a mountain side, it was purty… my best drawing was one of my three dogs tilting there heads and ‘looking at you’ and that was purty 2.

  10. Purty? Haha. Funny. Lovee ittt. 😛 Lolz. I suck at drawing. Only somethings i’m the best at drawing. 😀

  11. He who is bitten by a werewolf and lives, shall himself become a werewolf. So if your bitten just roll with it because next full moon you’ll be hunting for fresh meat!
    Hey if you have any enemy’s you’d like to get rid of, that might not be a bad thing. The hair balls get a little agrivating from time to time. And your breath gets pretty rank at times. But hey your immortal! That’s a plus, and if you enjoyed hunting before you got bit, then your really going to have a good time now. You can retire your hunting dogs though, or just eat them one or the other. See there’s a postive side to everything!

  12. Trisan Jones says:

    immortal? you’ve been reading too much twilight. hate the book, they brag at how big they are in wolf form. jerks

  13. The bored one says:

    Hey, i have a bite story, i was walking through the park at midnight, as i always do, when all of a sudden the sound of feet on gravel, behind me, im 16 of strong build and when the creator of the noise got to close i took a swing, right into the jaws of a werewolf, which swiftly proceded to nearly dislocate my arm, its been 2 nights and im still a little shaken, just thought id share, do with it as you wish

    i apologise for my less than perfect grammar and spelling

  14. Astute Newt says:

    Well from my point of view it seemed a bit rash to imidiately whip around and knock the guy in the face, but that’s coming from where I live where we have some very Pleasant vagrants.
    Might I ask what happened after you nearly dislocated your arm whilst punching his face?

  15. person says:

    it was too late for me i got a scratch but luckly police lives down the street in my nabor hood he came and shot it but im now a wherewolf its so much pain in transformation im scared of transformation

  16. James Santiago says:

    I’ve been bitten by some beast like animal I am not saying that it is a werewolf but it is one of the biggest beasts that I’ve Everseen ive been a Hunter and I’ve been hunting for years ever since the age of 10 I’ve been bitten below my waist wounds approximately 6 inches length and about 14 cm wide I don’t know what it was and the fact of the matter is that I’m healing quickly mynas my body feels paused ever single time I move it is like time stop and I move with the wind my family hears me but can barley lay eyes on my I Speke to them on the phone and my voice is I’ve never spoken before I’m scard and if anybody has this problem please email me I need help I seeking it I don’t knw who to trust I just fear the worst is to come!!’

  17. Veronica says:

    Could I make someone a werewolf by accident even if I didn’t break skin when biting them I’m trying to get info because I’m just starting to believe I might be a werewolf , on Friday May 24th of this year my 12 birthday I had a weird urge to bite my friends so I was just sorta play biting and I nipped them it did hurt them because my jaws are strong but it didn’t break skin so are they okay ?

  18. Lycanhope says:

    @Veronica: Bites don’t transfer anything, so yeah they’re fine.

  19. nightwolf says:

    @veronica: naw their fine..like lycanhope said werewolf bites just hurt they dont do anything else except maybe give you a scar

  20. ruby says:

    most of u guys are taking this as a joke it isent a werewolf bite is fadial and is painfull and the bite can take affect there is no such thing as a bite that is just that a bite if u get bitten u die or you become werewolf take it serious it can happen to anyone its happen to me

  21. Lycanhope says:

    @ruby: Kindly stop talking about things you know nothing about, especially under the false statement that you’re taking it seriously. Thank you.

  22. Aleisha says:

    I am a wolf in rockhampton

  23. Aleisha says:

    I am a wolf in australia

  24. LegendLupe046 (Alpha of the Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    @Aleshia yolo so I’m not sure if you noticed, but blatantly stating your a werewolf online is unwise. Not only that, now it’s permanently on here. You can’t change that. But what makes you think that your a werewolf? I believe that you aren’t and maybe are a fake. If not, prove to me by telling me what a werewolf really is.

    @milky yolo so idk if you noticed, but this is the modern version of insanity. Aleshia here claims that she is a wolf in Australia/Rockhampton and maybe she even believes it. But further questioning will show the extent to their insanity. First of all, let me explain my claims….

    1: I don’t believe I’ve seen Aleshia before on here, so that goes to prove that she most likely hasn’t. That being said onto number 2…

    2: Coming on without even having been on before, she goes and claims she is a werewolf. More importantly she uses the term “wolf,” quite common nowadays to refer to werewolves.

    3: Looking at this page on the website it diliberately is about werewolf bites and stuff of that nature… classical to comment on a page that specifically talks about werewolf bites (genetically impossible). This in and of itself is quite a no-brainer that this person goes onto a site such as this, to hopefully bring in their illusions, and hope others believe it. Maybe they wanted Research and wanted to roleplay? Or perhaps they were someone else on here, pretending to be a different person because their previous attempts on the normal chat page failed… I wonder why?

    4: Notice how they said the same thing, just different name. This would go to tell that they may have been excited to talk to others. With this knowledge you can assume that they would make such a move as “I’m a wolf from Rockhampton” “I’m a wolf from Australia.

    5: Next one… people feel safer on the internet because they think that they can hide because no one can tell they are lying. But truth be told, the truth always wins out in the end. If this person really is roleplaying or simply lying we can assume that they wouldn’t feel threatened, given their bold first words of “I am a wolf”

    6: Clinical Lycanthrope is the mental disorder in which one believes they are a werewolf or a wolf, and would easily say things such as “I am a wolf.” Sad part is that they don’t even realize it’s fake because they lost their sense of self and therefore see and feel things that aren’t there. (A form of dillusion) I know as a fact that a werewolf is real, but so is the illness in which one believes they are one.

    7: When one who wasn’t expecting to be fought is fought, they will fight back, whether you like it or not. So you have to be prepared to take extra measures. In this instance, one who may be fake or may even believe they are one would get angry when others disagree. If they end up coming on, chances are they’ll be close minded and look at this only as “your a fake” rather than reasons of why. So it’s safe to assume that this person will react in an angered manner. Especially when their truth is tested. Well see…

  25. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    @Legend Lupe. I agree with you. I know About it. I Was just kidding, man. I think @Aleisha s has a problem to know About the truth. Specially she don’t know the real truth.

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