Werewolf Body Part Regeneration

Werewolf myth
A werewolf cannot regenerate body parts – in other words if a werewolf loses a body part it does not grow back. Some have hypothesized that it might be possible through a p-shift, however while the mind is an incredibly strong thing, it is not strong enough to recreate an entire limb. A missing body part – either in werewolf or human form remains just that – missing. Werewolves are so close to humans that many of their same characteristics carry over to them in werewolf form…therefore when a p-shift occurs, the missing body part will remain missing. One of the only things that will continue to grow back – for werewolves and humans – no matter how often it’s cut off are nails and hair. Science has shown however that humans do have the latent ability for limb regeneration in their genes – it’s just not something that is active or possible at this point, but scientists are studying it with hopes for the future.

Possible in the future?
There are though some animals that can currently regrow body parts, including the salamander. Everyone’s probably familiar with the fact that the salamander can regrow it’s tail if it’s cut off. But did you also know that it can regrow parts of its legs, jaw and even parts of its heart? Human scientists are studying the salamander to determine how it regenerates body parts to see if at some point in time the genes can be activated in humans as well. If this ever becomes possible, then werewolves would also have that ability since werewolves carry human genes as well. At this point however scientists have not made any major strides in the study, therefore a missing limb is a missing limb, in any form.



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  1. Värlôc says:

    There are a few technologies that are available for replacement body parts that I know of. My little brother Zeus lost an eye in a battle with another pack, but scientists, who I may mention were lycans in his pack, worked on him, and in around 3 days, he had a robotic eye. He still wears his shades…..lol.

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