Werewolf burglar went to jail

I didn’t realize that werewolves were in the news, but they are! I found a news article from May of 2007 where a man broke into a woman’s apartment and got 6 months in jail…oh yeah, and he told everyone he was a werewolf.  He started by telling the woman whose apartment he was in, that he was a werewolf.  Then he proceeded to tell the policemen that came that he was a werewolf and could shape shift.  The complete werewolf news story is here.  He was also faced with charges of possession of marijuana.  So, obviously the most glaring question here is why does a werewolf have marijuana?? I mean, doesnt he have enough going on with the whole transformation thing??



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13 Responses

  1. R.J. Lupen says:

    hahahahaha,its easy to lie you know.

  2. Zakiya says:


  3. Jeff says:

    I. Am. Speechless.

    (At Buddy…)

  4. moo says:


  5. J**E** says:

    wait why is it silrath if it was suppose to be jeff? just kidding ^^

  6. zach says:

    is anyone on

  7. Whitetip says:

    Oh nice… Maybe this guy was too high to even know what he was doing or saying.

  8. zach says:

    is anyone on now

  9. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    he was probably high as hell

  10. Omigioha says:

    Hey wolf in disguise its me anyway thxs you are a true wolf friend

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