Werewolf Cat makes headlines at London Cat Show!

This week (Jan 7 & 8) the rare werewolf cat took in alot of media at the London Cat Show, intriguing audiences and winning over fans! Out of two hundred different cats, Lyoki may be the only one that people remember – it was the cat that made international headlines!

Here is a picture of the werewolf cat that now graces the front page of computers everywhere: Shalnavazz Mehari, a 9 month old Lyoki who turned heads at the London Cat Show!

For those of you not quite sure what a werewolf cat is,  a few years ago, the werewolf cat was introduced to the world, and since then the cat’s popularity has skyrocketed! Also known as the Lykoi or lyoki, this unusual cat is usually almost entirely bald giving it a definite werewolf-like appearance, hence the name!

Think you have a werewolf cat living in the streets around your house? It’s unlikely! The Lykoi are still a very rare kind of cat with somewhere around 100 show standard cats in the world!




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  1. Night wolf says:

    That ant no werecat

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