Werewolf Christmas Song

Merry Christmas Eve!! I have a true holiday favorite for you – a werewolf song! If you love werewolves and you’re looking for a werewolf christmas song, well, I’ve found it for you! I was reading a blog and found some lyrics sung along to the tune Joy to the World…here’s the start of the werewolf christmas song…

“It’s the Holidays
And the Werewolves go Rowr Rowr
Rowr rowr, rowr rowr, rowr rowr

The Vampires look for blood
And the Zombies look for brains
And the Werewolves go Rowr Rowr
And the Werewolves go Rowr Rowr
And the Werewolves, the Werewolves go Rowr Rowr

Dragons come down
And join the mob
As blood is sprayed around
And every vampire and every bat,
lap up the resulting blood, lap up the resulting blood,
lap up, lap up the resulting blood

Monsters rule the world with blood and guts
And every Ogre knows
That holidays are best for eating their victims
And the Werewolves go rowr rowr
and the Werewolves go rowr rowr
And the Werewolves, the Werewolves go rowr rowr”

(*note: These are the full lyrics to (a) werewolf christmas song. They do not belong to ILW, unfortunately it is unclear of the origin of the song. If you have any info about the origin of the song please email us so we can give proper credit.)



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12 Responses

  1. alpha female lone wolf says:

    i got a new fav christmas song lol

  2. Silent Strike says:

    This one?

  3. alpha female lone wolf says:


  4. jo says:

    wow! even i liked it! its much better than the original one! too bad it isn’t whole. 🙂

  5. jo says:

    really really liked it good job posting it! ^^

  6. Shadow Howler says:

    Can you try to post the rest of the lyrics to the song?I like it,it’s pretty cool.

  7. @Shadow Howler: yes! there you go… the full lyrics are posted!

  8. Shadow Howler says:

    @Werewolf967: Thanks!

  1. January 23, 2010

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