Werewolf Community

Why does a werewolf community even exist?

If werewolves are for the most part solitary creatures then why are there communities? And even those werewolves that are not solitary – that are part of a bigger pack – generally are part of relatively small pack of not more than 6 – 8 pack members.  Therefore if werewolves prefer to stay in such small packs – or even alone – what is the point of a community?

Werewolves are a much smaller population than humans, and on top of that are very protective of their identities.   A community therefore brings the group together in a somewhat informal fashion without giving the permanence of a pack structure.  A werewolf community is a place for those newer to being a werewolf to get advise and guidance. Werewolves for the most part remain hidden from others, so it can be difficult for a newer werewolf to find out what is happening to him / herself and how to deal with it.  A community offers this type of environment were the werewolf can ask questions, get answers, and learn from others who know what they are going through.

It used to be that werewolf communities did not really exist. Pre-internet the only way to meet others was in person, and since werewolves by their nature do not often physically reveal themselves even to others of their own kind, communities rarely came into existence.  Today however, the communities have gone online, and werewolves have found this as an excellent compromise for their reservations of meeting others as it offers the solace of not having to reveal oneself while also the benefit of learning from others.  Community members must keep in mind that while there are many benefits to being online, one of the downfalls can be trolls who try to disturb and turn members against themselves…understand that these individuals are only after one thing – causing havoc and chaos among community members.



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  1. Lupe says:

    @Fabiola Deford: I mean no disrespect, and it’s likely you won’t get to see this message.. however, for one so against others talking about whether or not they’re a “werewolf,” you seem pretty open about what it’s like. Now, I’m not hammering you because you’re talking about either your life or someone you know.. as I said, I mean no disrespect. Instead, I would recommend chilling out a bit, seeing as this is a public forum.

    The topic you bring up is emotionally heavy, yet I want to say that part of it could be psychology. The feeling of having someone to talk to about it could be greater than the need to keep it a secret. As you mentioned, it is solitary. The idea of talking to people about werewolves online seems too good to be true, especially when 90% claim to be associated with the “supernatural.”

    Now, before you say anything about me doubting you, I have no doubt in my mind you feel some kind of emotion. I get it, emotions hurt, and most people never will go through exactly what one person will. It makes people feel kinda lonely. One person’s inability to go through what another does is no excuse for either party to act in hostility.

    Now, I’ve seen an onslaught of this type of message, and excuse me if I doubt what you may imply you are. Just because you can act in emotions and trick others doesn’t mean you are what you say you are. I mean no disrespect when I say this, but I ask that you refrain from talking about your ideal “werewolf” form before a debate begins.. it’s never good when that happens.

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