Werewolf Community

Why does a werewolf community even exist?

If werewolves are for the most part solitary creatures then why are there communities? And even those werewolves that are not solitary – that are part of a bigger pack – generally are part of relatively small pack of not more than 6 – 8 pack members.  Therefore if werewolves prefer to stay in such small packs – or even alone – what is the point of a community?

Werewolves are a much smaller population than humans, and on top of that are very protective of their identities.   A community therefore brings the group together in a somewhat informal fashion without giving the permanence of a pack structure.  A werewolf community is a place for those newer to being a werewolf to get advise and guidance. Werewolves for the most part remain hidden from others, so it can be difficult for a newer werewolf to find out what is happening to him / herself and how to deal with it.  A community offers this type of environment were the werewolf can ask questions, get answers, and learn from others who know what they are going through.

It used to be that werewolf communities did not really exist. Pre-internet the only way to meet others was in person, and since werewolves by their nature do not often physically reveal themselves even to others of their own kind, communities rarely came into existence.  Today however, the communities have gone online, and werewolves have found this as an excellent compromise for their reservations of meeting others as it offers the solace of not having to reveal oneself while also the benefit of learning from others.  Community members must keep in mind that while there are many benefits to being online, one of the downfalls can be trolls who try to disturb and turn members against themselves…understand that these individuals are only after one thing – causing havoc and chaos among community members.



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103 Responses

  1. Lycanhope says:

    Oh god the idiot is spreading again…

  2. Gabriel says:

    @Lycanhope: This summer, witness a drama like no other, a hapless story of unrelated people trying to make sense and keep up with each other, together, they may just write a fan fiction… IMPROVISED NONSENSE… Staring: “no idea” “desperately trying not to be discovered” and “not an actual clue”

    “Improvised nonsense” out at your local blog whenever they start writing again.

  3. Daughter of Cantervain says:

    Who are you???

  4. Lycanhope says:

    @Gabriel: That got a pretty hearty laugh. Is it wrong that I kinda want to see that movie now?

  5. Princess says:

    It’s Deliah. Listen, things have changed. We are all here and AK is gone.

  6. Princess says:

    @Princess: OH MY GOODNESS!!! I can’t believe it’s you!!! What do you mean AK is gone? Is everyone okay? Did we win?

  7. Gabriel says:

    HA! Oh my God I am laughing so hard right now! We’re you even trying princess/cantervain? Because in this situation, talking to yourself without showing the two personalities won’t work.

  8. Lycanhope says:

    *clap clap clap* Bravo. See, this is exactly what I mean. No class, no flair. Trolls nowadays are so bad.

  9. Lee Ann says:

    That was… Ya.. Wow.

  10. Princess/DaughterofCantervain says:

    @Gabriel: Thank you for being the first one to notice. I was hoping my mistake would come out later on… This proves that as hard as someone tries, people refuse to believe what they think is incorrect. For my psychology class, we were instructed to find a supernatural/spiritual blog or forum and try to convince its interactive readers to believe our own made up story. When I was younger, I made up this game about being a werewolf. Everything I wrote was based off this game. I have been reading your comments to my class for the past couple weeks. Mine was one of the more entertaining projects.
    I just wanted to apologize for upsetting anyone.
    Sorry and thank you!!!

  11. Lycanhope says:

    A psychology class that asks you, as a project, to seek out a blog, SPECIFICALLY a spiritual/supernatural one, and troll people? Seems legit.

  12. Gabriel says:

    Still laughing. Stiiillll laughing.

  13. Princess/DaughterofCantervain says:

    @Lycanhope: I was just apologizing, you don’t have to question me.

  14. Lycanhope says:

    @Princess: You got caught being an idiot, then made up yet more nonsense to try and save face and back out. Simple as that. That’s not an apology, because you’re not sorry, you’re just sorry you got found out.

  15. Princess/DaughterofCantervain says:

    @Lycanhope: I’m sorry you feel this way. Goodbye.

  16. John R. says:

    I think that werewolves are a dumb and stupid proposition. How can someone be both human and wolf? If werewolves did in fact exist they would be spawns of Satin, and therefore go to Hell. Also any of you “werewolves”, if you were truly a werewolf, I would hunt all of you down and skin you alive. Anyways have a nice day, and go ponder on a response for this comment, if you can.

  17. Princess that is very wrong and not good to do this you know if you created this site for that that is in the peoples right to have freedom and also keeps things private which you DIDNT you read all the comments of from this site that’s such a rude and bad thing to do what if there was things peope were talking about that’s confidential ???? I’m sure you’d hate if someone did the same to you so please please do NOT do anything like this again plus your school class is wacky why would they like to learn things or just go to a site and troll to the supernatural its just a pathetic thing to do sorry

  18. people who wonder if werewolfs are real yes i am born in Australia i travelled to America Wisconsin in the woods the moon was full with my mate Michael looking for his phone. so we were out there for 2 hours and Michael said hey nic i got to go to my dad and mum for dinner tonight.so i said okay see you tomoz then as he drove off i heard a noise on this hill side with broken trees knocked down so i was about to go check it out but i saw red eyes 2 red eyes glowing looking straight at me. then i heard howls sounded like 5 wolves. so i turned and there were 8 wolves in front of me and they were closing in fast so i ran to my right to this road the wolf was right behind me there was a tree that i could climb so jumbed to this branch and the wolfes that has yellow eyes were right below me the wolf with red eyes howled and the ones under me stopped and went to the red eyed wolf. the red eyed wolf jumped off the hill cliff about 20 feet down and he|she could reach me got its jaws on my hip and fell of me and turned into a human and said you”ll find me .

  19. hi my names nic me and my friend Michael were finding his ohone and i went down to the bottom off the hill to check this noise out in the logs Michael said everything all good then this wolf with red eyes bit me on waist with a tight grip Michael ran down and took his teaser out and teasered the wolf turned into a man he said youill find me and ran off so Michael fire man carried me while i was in pain but this pain felt different i can feel it in my vains so Michael took me home in the car and said go to bed text me when you need help so i said yeah I’m all good Michael said all right seeya so i went through front door and went upstairs to bed and fell asleep then i woke up by hearing drips and it was the tap but it had tiny drips but some i heard than it clicked in my head.so i went to my computer and typed in red eyed wolfes and it came up with werewolfwes i looked into information about werewolves and it said that there are alphas and omegas for a pack to be made the alphas don’t look for a pack a pack comes to them omegas can kill alphas to become a alpha but that’s taking a alpha there can be a true alpha can be achived traditionally which is the rarest also there can be a alpha pack is every single member in a alpha pack has killed there own pack which makes them stronger the leader that leades the pack is so strong even if the alpha leader is blind it can still sometimes still see so if you turn in to a werewolf there are different forms there can be physically where you turn in to a wolf like shape shift..mentaly when you are in human form but you are still a where wolf in your mind but in your blood.spiritually is when you have a secondary spirt i am an alpha now feel like teen still if you want become a werewolf come up and you can be part of my pack in Wisconsin be warned they are EVERYWHERE!

    • Lilyian says:

      my story of how i became a werewolf is:

      I was asleep it was midnight i was about 5 or 6 or 7 but i saw this werewolf thing and i said h-hi and then he bit me a few weeks later i was hairy everywhere not like super duper hairy but like hairy (only werewolves understand) and then a few weeks later at night i shifted a little painful since it was my first shift (also i have my window open some nights if i wanna shift ‘n’ get out) and then i just got outta the window and enjoyed being a werewolf its awesome for me i now have a pack

  20. Shanee says:

    Hello its been awhile had alot going on what’s any news on here

  21. Dallas fields says:

    I would like to say that even though It may not work I plan on summoning a werewolf to bite me, mostly because I am tired of not being able to fight back! I know there is a risk of me being killed but at least I will see one this worlds wonders! To be clear I am not a furry but I have been fascinated by werewolves for a long time! If there are any of you out there who can understand what it means to loose someone and do what I am talking about then by all means come and find me if you have the fangs!!!

  22. SilenceW0lf109 says:


  23. Dallas Fields says:

    To those of you who can change into wolves physically or mentally I performed the summoning spell and it did not work! Apparently I did not have the testicular fortitude required to perform the spell. So I tried another that only required privacy and a full moon, the results are much like the first! I want to be an actual werewolf or at least have a werewolf girlfriend. So wherever you she-wolves are hiding I shall be waiting for you to help!

  24. theres no real werewolves on here that im certain,,,if you were truly one you would not be posting on a forum letting all the world know about you,,and theres nothing nice that comes with it too,,very few good reasons to admit it,,dont think you sprout hair all over youre body and run through the woods eating anyone you see go by and killing other animals,,,,everything has a right to be on this earth ,,,what you don’t hear are the bad things that come with it all ,,isolation from people at college ,,,strict very afraid family ,,pain ,feeling sick ,,nausea heartburn ,,the shakes ,nightmares,,daymares,,,sweating ,,sensitive to certain smells that make you feel sick,,aching bones and ligaments ,,this goes on for days and nights ,controlling family being told what to do,,where to go who to speak to,,,honestly you wouldn’t want this in youre life..enough said

  25. ps…..most of you are nuts,,to the ones saying whats the best food to catch a werewolf with ,,,w.t.f why would you want to do this .all that will happen is that it will end up dead ,,,the government know already so its not like youwill be famous for it and also what about its feelings and the pain it will go through and its family ,how would you feel if someone you loved or cared for was hunted down and killed this way for nothing…possibly hung on a wall to be laughed at,,,,also capable of climbing trees by the way ,,swimming too

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