werewolf as a werewolf is taboo

People love dressing up as werewolves for Halloween.

What humans often do not understand is that for a werewolf to dress up as a werewolf for Halloween is often considered taboo. On many occassions the weighted one will choose to avoid this topic. In fact there are many werewolves that think of this topic as disgusting or just wrong.

Humans do not understand. Humans often dress up on Halloween as other humans, maybe not as themselves but as other notable figures.  For example, a human might choose to dress up up for the holiday as a pirate, or even the President of the United States. But these are still classified human, a werewolf would almost never do the same thing. A werewolf will almost never dress up as a werewolf on Halloween.

Conducting such an act would compromise a deep feeling inside the weighted one, a feeling of mockery towards his or her own kind; the werewolf.



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7 Responses

  1. Whitetip says:

    How true, it sickens me most times but I just leave it be… They do not understand.

  2. Me says:

    I just watch costumes, spotting who’s got close.

    Thirteen years… nobody.

  3. That guy says:

    some werewolves might be upset by this, however, i am not. i actualy have dressed up as a werewolf sevral times.

  4. Juliet Wolf says:

    I’ve only dressed up as a werewolf once… But actually, I only use a mask. Probably because it doesn’t look like a werewolf, it honestly looks like big foot. But I laughed one time because I tripped, and caught myself by putting my hands on the car, and my mom screamed. XD Best moment of my life. 😀 Cause she never believes, but she was close to believing that night. 🙂

  5. Nicklaus says:

    Dressing up for hallows eve is not so bad. but yes pretending to be something that you already are or that you are not is very demeaning. It is understandable for a child to dress up and for parents to go along with it, but for someone of lets say 14 and up and if they are a true werewolf to dress as one, makes it seem as if they are making a mockery of who and what they are.

  6. Holly1300 says:

    Well this will be my last Halloween I already have my outfit planned out it doesn’t actually look like a werewolf like with a mask so I’m going to get parts of clothes to look like a wolf even a tail and of course ears too I’m 15

  7. nopack says:

    In my town werewolves and wolves r deeply respected. So to a werewolf if u dress up as one it’s not taboo (like me, but I am weird for a werewolf maybe it’s because I was a human for so long)

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