Werewolf Convention – meet werewolves

Werecon, the largest werewolf convention in the world!  This year, we’re proud to be holding our first ever online convention to bring werewolves together in one place.  We’re looking for werewolves and shapeshifters from every nation to gather together to meet and friend each other.

More details on werecon are forthcoming…don’t miss it!  Nov. 18 – 22!

More information is coming soon… for now, meet with other werewolves and meet Vampires at Werecon.org.

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683 Responses

  1. Heyz lune! or joe. lol.

  2. lune biruk says:

    call me what ever makes you confortable

  3. come on, is anyone here???

  4. oh sorry, lol, look at my website!!! im so excited! YAY!!!!! ^^

  5. is there a song? someone is saying they dont hear one

  6. jereir says:

    hello lune…do u know jakar?

  7. lune biruk says:

    Yes we are good friends.

  8. lune biruk says:

    so jerier……are you a good wolf or one of those who trys to argue and start shit with us.

  9. why does everyone leave?

  10. just making sure someones here. Im bored.

  11. lune biruk says:

    saw the website hope i didn’t ruin it by being the first to sign up

  12. No not at all, thx!!! ^^^

  13. lune biruk says:

    I am ready to throw out my computer mouse.

  14. lune biruk says:

    well im using a laptop wireless mouse and it keeps messing up. it wont move.

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