Werewolf Convention – meet werewolves

Werecon, the largest werewolf convention in the world!  This year, we’re proud to be holding our first ever online convention to bring werewolves together in one place.  We’re looking for werewolves and shapeshifters from every nation to gather together to meet and friend each other.

More details on werecon are forthcoming…don’t miss it!  Nov. 18 – 22!

More information is coming soon… for now, meet with other werewolves and meet Vampires at Werecon.org.

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  1. lune biruk says:

    nah. just woke up from a 4 hour nap.

  2. lune biruk says:

    ever heard of nintendo wii?

  3. lol. hasnt everybody? i have one, why?

  4. lune biruk says:

    making werewolf miis, but they appear to be bred with lions.

  5. lol. How do i change the image? do u know?

  6. lune biruk says:

    be more specific im just heading in the 21 century.

  7. lune biruk says:

    idk im trying to figure that out.

  8. lune biruk says:

    is yir wii hooked up yo the internet?

  9. nope. found out image changer, gravatar.com.

  10. lets see if this works

  11. Dramund says:

    hey beta

  12. Dramund says:

    how’s it going?

  13. pretty good. new website, new icon.

  14. lune biruk says:

    how come my icon wont show is it up on your computer?

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