Werewolf Convention – meet werewolves

Werecon, the largest werewolf convention in the world!  This year, we’re proud to be holding our first ever online convention to bring werewolves together in one place.  We’re looking for werewolves and shapeshifters from every nation to gather together to meet and friend each other.

More details on werecon are forthcoming…don’t miss it!  Nov. 18 – 22!

More information is coming soon… for now, meet with other werewolves and meet Vampires at Werecon.org.

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683 Responses

  1. Dramund says:

    Cool, cool. so whats been going on?

  2. Dramund says:

    Lune, it is on.

  3. lune biruk says:

    cool. how do i view it? i got rid of the icons. and i dont know how to get them back.

  4. Dramund says:

    lol, I have no clue

  5. lune biruk says:

    well is it my wolf?

  6. lune biruk says:

    i put a wolf as my pic.

  7. Dramund says:

    yeah, it is. Joined your site.

  8. jakar says:

    jerier is my brother

  9. Yasmin says:

    Hey im back…im still full of marks and sometimes it would bleed then it will stop.yes vamps can bleed.that werewolf i was talking about(that 1 who tried 2 kill me) hes name is damian.well before he killed my parents we had a relaitionship.he was really gr8 but then he started hurting humans.i tried 2 stop him but he almost killed me.when my parents heard that they were furious.they tried 2 kill him but they …failed.from then on he tried 2 kill me.well he almost suceed a few days ago.

  10. clone321 says:

    dang….somebody needs to deal with this damian guy

  11. Yasmin says:

    I really agree with u…

  12. Yasmin says:

    Damian is really dangerous…

  13. Jeff says:

    Damian stole mah POPTARTS. 🙁 lol

  14. Yasmin says:

    What r u talking about?lol

  15. Joewolf says:

    hey whats up? havent been on in a while

  16. Alley says:

    Hey whats up? I’ve been busy with stuff around the world and haven’t been able to get on.

  17. Joewolf says:

    why does that crazy girl get on the same time as me.. she is nuts…

  18. jakar says:

    omg joe is that u its been a long time how r the ice wolves

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