Werewolf Convention – meet werewolves

Werecon, the largest werewolf convention in the world!  This year, we’re proud to be holding our first ever online convention to bring werewolves together in one place.  We’re looking for werewolves and shapeshifters from every nation to gather together to meet and friend each other.

More details on werecon are forthcoming…don’t miss it!  Nov. 18 – 22!

More information is coming soon… for now, meet with other werewolves and meet Vampires at Werecon.org.

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683 Responses

  1. Alexis Skye says:

    Hey everyone

  2. Alexis Skye says:

    Jeff where did you go

  3. Jebidiah Fitzgerald says:

    Call me Jebby! Not really though what is up. Ive been a werewolf for 200 years.

  4. Joewolf says:

    whats up everyone?

  5. Alexis Skye says:

    hey jebby!!!

  6. Jebidiah Fitzgerald says:

    Hello all. My names Jebby *in retard voice*

  7. Joewolf says:

    hey alexis cross any vampires lately?

  8. Jebidiah Fitzgerald says:

    Joewolf do you know my cousin Shanequa?

  9. Alexis Skye says:

    No not really I think we scared that one off and they never came back

  10. Joewolf says:

    hey Jeff whats up?

  11. Alexis Skye says:

    hi jeff whats up.

  12. Jeff says:

    WHAZZAP?! XD O_o

  13. Jebidiah Fitzgerald says:

    Well i will make sure she comes back in. Maybe she can return today if i get ahold if her!

  14. Joewolf says:

    im not sure i do know your cousin shanequa. that good that we did alexis, maybe they will stay away now.

  15. Alexis Skye says:

    nothing protecting the place from vampires

  16. Joewolf says:

    so anything interesting happen to anyone since i was on last time?

  17. Jebidiah Fitzgerald says:

    twitter.com/jimma_wells follow me…hit it

  18. Alexis Skye says:

    I met new friends like Jebby

  19. Alexis Skye says:

    twitter.com/dramamamaalley follow me….hit it

  20. Joewolf says:

    well sorry i couldnt be on long today, talk to everyone tomorrow maybe.. later jebby, alexis, and jeff

  21. Jebidiah Fitzgerald says:

    We will miss you deeply in a not homo way Joe.

  22. Joewolf says:

    well jebby are you a boy or a girl b/c im a girl

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