werewolf elders

You’ll often hear many of the more knowledgeable members of the werewolf community refer to a group of werewolves called the “elders”. The werewolf elders are a group of the most respected and strongest of the werewolves. They generally have been werewolves for quite a length of time, and typically share their wisdom with the newer members. Elders are notoriously very difficult to find, and often stay hidden in the shadows as they do not like to – nor do they need to – reveal themselves. You’ll find many who impersonate being a werewolf elder in order to misguide younger werewolves. Werewolf elders look like regular werewolves, and are often mistaken as such. There are very few true elders left.



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60 Responses

  1. Echowolf says:

    How sad…I always wanted to become an elder when I am an old, old werewolf. But for now I will howl as Lunashadow….(my werewolf name) and wait patiently for my elder time to come….

  2. me says:

    eheh. think you got what it takes?

  3. Echowolf says:

    not really, but it was a dream 🙁 don’t have to crush it

  4. me says:

    ok, then keep on dreaming. cause i have witnessed many great things because of those dreams(promise) ^^.

  5. Echowolf says:

    😀 ok. I’m a pack alpha so anything could happen, that is already one dream accomplished

  6. me says:

    hehe ya got that right so why stop? ^^ go for it!

  7. Echowolf says:

    yay! lol

  8. Jay says:

    Lol I never really met an elder unless you include an 80 year old father and his 92 year old wife, but if there meant to be respected then dam the werewolf civilization to hell.

  9. me says:

    still interested in a story w.d?

  10. me says:

    hehe this is it!
    I wanted to trick em with this story!

    The Real Garou

    LogarWolf of the Solis Clan

    Greetings to you my brothers and sisters. I have had so many requests to chat from all of you and you all are asking the same questions. So I decided to sit down and write this all out for you. First No, I am not a RPG player. I am the real article. I am part of the Garou that the RPG was written about. A member of a related clan came up with the idea to use a RPG to promote understanding and awaken the innocent. He sat down with a human fellow who was supposed to help him put it all together. Instead he took the research materials given him and cut the pup out of the deal all together. He took our history and added a great deal of his own medicine to it. There are some VERY big differences between his game and our lives.

    I am the Alpha of our clan and pack. Garou gather into small family units we call “packs”. The packs gather into “clans”. The clans gather into a “were nation.” There has not been a nation gathering for about a thousand years. The last one was the great migration to the “new world” but human kind followed us.

    We are Gaia’s first children. But in our arrogance, we fell from grace. When the tribes of man were young. We were already old. It was our charge to keep sacred the sacred places and to teach the tribes of man how to live.

    The Garou are divided into two general types. The true blood Garou and the mixed blood Luprene. The mixed blood Luprene were mistrusting of the true blood Garou. Their mix of Garou and Man was overly aggressive and deceptive. They seemed to have gotten the worst of both worlds.

    Garou walked among man in guise as one of them. But man in their arrogance rejected the ways of Gaia. They created new Gods in their image. This new order placed man at the top and all the rest of us below. It was our sacred charge to teach them. But it was fast becoming an upward battle.

    Then one day man struck out at us. Behind this was the Luprene. The Luprene wanted to overthrow the Garou and take control. But they forgot the treachery of Man. Man betrayed them to us. The Garou and Luprene were locked in mortal combat. We decimated each others numbers till there was little left. Our great cities in ruin, our people scattered to the winds, the sacred places destroyed. That’s when Man made his play. He turned on the Luprene and Garou and hunted us to the brink of extinction. In the early days of the Man war, we resisted. We thought this was simply a misunderstanding. We tried to keep our pact with Gaia, but then we were forced to turn on the tribes of Man. But it was already too late. Man was growing. No longer was Man a few tribes.

    Man had become many. Man now equaled the numbers of the Garou and Luprene together. The Garou and Luprene joined forces in a loose alliance against Man. But in the dark years when were fought were, Man was growing. During the whole of the Garou wars, a great many of the other were kinds were also slaughtered “if you are not with us, you are against us.” Was the rule. Our short sightedness now threaten to wipe out all were kind. So all were kind were forced to run and hide. We left the scared lands and traveled far to the north and chased the sun into the ocean. These new lands in these colder areas were safe.

    There were Man animals that were kind to us, a rare few that had somehow achieved a state of enlightenment, a leap forward in their evolution. They were forced to come with us, or die by the hand of their own kind. They and we became the seed of the Celtic tribes The Man animals became the Germanic peoples. We founded the Irish, Scott, and the Welsh. It was discovered as time passed that the human genes the Luprene carried recombined and formed true Humans again, and what we call innocents. Innocents are Humans that carry a recessive gene combination that makes them weres. We are not sure yet what triggers it, as it does not always trigger. Sometimes it lays dormant for generations. Time passed and all was well.

    The Romans are coming. Rome was founded much like the fables. Two brothers suckled by a she-wolf. They were innocents that had rejoined the tribes of man. But with their advanced brains, very quickly began to run things. Rome was founded by Luprene guile and Human muscle. As we all know they very quickly took over everywhere. Until they reached the lands of the Garou. This was the end of their conquests. Then came a new even more dangerous people. The Christians. They came speaking of love, forgiveness and understanding. We let them in. They became our neighbors and friends, or so we thought. At first they were content to live among us, each practicing their own ways. Then one day, when they knew they had us out numbered. It changed; suddenly they had to be in charge.

    God given right. This was their battle cry. We had to be mastered. Saved from our own evil. Or destroyed. We were far practiced of the healing arts. They called this witchcraft and burned us. They called us Demons, and burned us. They called us monsters and burned us. Whole villages, families, every last one had to be purged from the world. The leaders of the remaining Clans called for a nation gathering. It was decided we would flee to the new world. Once again, we were safe.

    Once again, here they come. The Christians. They came speaking of love, forgiveness and understanding. We let them in. At first they were content to live among us, each practicing their own ways. Then one day, when they knew they had us out numbered. It changed; suddenly they had to be in charge. But that is for another file.

  11. me says:

    isn’t it good enough to fool em? ^^

  12. me says:

    hehe ^^ this would be fun ^^

  13. That guy says:

    my clan is a little difrent than most. we have quite a few elders amongst us, so the formed together into a councle. rather than giving all the power to the alpha, it is devided betwean the alpha and the elder councle. for a wile i had been the alpha in our clan, but their was a power strugle and i knew i couldn’t win so i steped down. wile i was the alpha thow, i realy relied on the councle.

  14. alex says:

    @ that guy are you a werewolf?

  15. @That guy: You ru your clan fairly well, I must say. My clan, Coraxo, is ran with 2 Alphas, 2 Beta males, 2 Beta females, 2 Cetas, and the rest Omegas. The Alpha gets the final say over everything, taking the council into consideration. The council is made up of the Alphas, Betas, and Cetas. With having 4 betas, there are Beta Alphas and Beta BEtas, to show higher dominance. I am the Alpha Male, my mate is the Alpha Female, naturally. Then the chain goes on down the line of members. The elders are simply the oldest and strongest out of us, I am at the top of course, then there are 4 other elders.

  16. josh says:

    Is this site safe I mean there are ppl who hunt werewolves and all it takes is a email address and they can find you

  17. @josh: I have been posting here for 3 years and there are those who preceed me. All of which are alive and well. I am pretty sure this site is just fine.

  18. jenna says:

    sts notot safe lolzzz but appraentely iii am incacpable of self control xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    futhner under xDf its nor fase xD ik kid dd ane at u got to wrrrrryh a noutn ?

  19. that gye says:

    if anyone tryed hunting somone in my clan they would quickly find themself runing for their life, because if they didn’t quickly get VERY far away, they probably would end up dead.

  20. Lycanhope says:

    Lol, I leave and they make me an Elder. Good thing I came back.
    I’m not actually that old, 18 is pretty young, comeback when I’m 90 and on life support 😀

  21. Gold says:

    Thanks for the complement buddy

  22. MoonWolfWarrior says:

    Haha im an alpha of 5 clans which each clan has 12 pack and 1 pack has 230 werewolves. ugh much to do >-<

  23. Ashley says:

    I have no pack…they think im to young

  24. lycanlover12 says:

    dont worry i do n im 12 so u only have 2 wait a little longer

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